Collagenex CEO says rebound not yet seen in Sansrosa

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Regarding another investor conference today, CEO Colin Stewart presented and most of the information was familiar. However, during the question period, an audience member asked about rebound flushing/redness during the Sansrosa / COL-118 trials. The following is what was said:

Man: “I realize that it’s an in-class, COL-118, it’s kind of difficult to work out the economics of the opportunity. Now, the fact that it’s kind of an instant gratification therapy, it’s something you put on, the erythema disappears, and it persists over time, and presumably there’s also a therapeutic effect over time. Is there any kind of rebound effect, do the receptors get burnt out where people cannot use it for an extended period of time, because you kind of think that given the product profile that they will, and that might have a significant impact on how much you ultimately sell. “

Mr. Stewart: “In studies we’ve done so far, we have seen no rebound effect. When the drug was used successfully for over 11 years within opthomics, there was no perceived rebound effect. One of the things that excites us about this is that it has a fast onset of action, and that it can be used incomitantly with the patient. Given that and the historical safety record of the drug, we don’t anticipate any rebound. If there were, they would show up in the Phase 3 long-term safety studies that we’re about to do.”

The next meeting with the FDA to discuss COL-118 Phase 3 trials will be in the “first half of March.”  Mr. Stewart also stated the Quarter 4 and Year 2007 company conference call would be March 12.  Stay tuned for more info…

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  1. Thanks Ben. Interesting that this questions from the floor was focussed on the possible rebound effects not because of the implications for patient benefit – but in terms of profitability for Collagenex !

    It isn’t surprising given that these conference calls are for potential investors – but interesting nonetheless to see a different view of this new product.

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