COL-3 new tetracycline derivative being studied

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A new anti-inflammatory compound has had some Phase 2 Clinical information published. COL-3 is a so called second generation IMPACS (Inhibitors of Multiple Proteases and Cytokines) compound. It is a tetracycline derivate, and is also designated as a Synthetic MMP (Matrix Metalloproteinsase) inhibitor.

Guy Webster, MD. PhD the lead investigator for these Phase 2 clinical trials of COL-3 says

“This is the first double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical study evaluating COL-3’s therapeutic potential. The magnitude of the effect was greater than anticipated and the onset of action much faster, making COL-3 a promising candidate for development.”

COL-3 is being developed by Collagenex Pharmaceuticals who is also developing Oracea, another antibiotic variant targetted as a rosacea treatment.

According to Collagenex, research has shown that certain tetracyclines can be chemically modified to retain non-antibiotic properties that may make them effective in treating diseases involving inflammation and/or destruction of the body’s connective tissues.

COL-3 is also undergoing Phase I trials as an angiogenesis inhibitor.

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