COL-118/Sansrosa $150+ a month ?

Written by on November 29, 2007 in Red Face of Rosacea, Sansrosa with 3 Comments

A recent investor presentation from Collagenex gives some hints as to how Collagenex will price COL-118.

Collagenex believe that their anti erythema product used for  2-4 months of treatment at $150 a month leads to a $330-660 million market. $150 a month for COL-118 treatment sounds like a lot. One wonders how much the suggested $150 a month will translate to at the pharmacy counter.

So this presentation means we can expect COL-188 prescriptions to be expensive. It seems unlikely to me that sufferers will be able to cease treatment after just a couple of months. We need to see more published information about whether any lasting benefit is seen after 4 months usage.

It takes a reasonable sized pharmaceutical company to get rosacea treatments tested and approved – and naturally the company’s shareholders will want a return on their investment.

One final thought. I wonder what Collagenex are going to call COL-118 when they are ready to bring it to the market ? Sansrosa seems like such a cute name, it will be hard to pass up. Having said that though, it doesn’t sound like a typical prescription product name, so perhaps something more befitting of $150+ a month is required.

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How about you. Do you like what you see on the sample before and after photographs for Sansrosa ? Would you be willing to pay $150 a month (or more) ?

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3 Reader Comments

  1. ben says:

    $150 a month is not a very steep fee for a topical drug… it’s pretty average. to put it in perspective, here’s how much my insurance was charged for other rosacea prescriptions…

    Oracea… $176
    Solodyn… $486 (now that’s a joke)
    Noritate… $148
    Finacea… $106
    Aclovate… $65

  2. ben says:

    Regarding the estimated cost of $150 for rosacea… it will obviously be covered by insurance in which case we’ll pay the usual $10-$40 co-pay. Here are the prices my insurance was billed (PER MONTH) for various rosacea treatments…

    Finacea $106
    Oracea $136
    Noritate $148
    Aclovate $65
    Solodyn $486

    So $150 would be a pretty average price. Not particularly steep.

  3. ben says:

    Oracea price before insurance is $146. But after insurance and rebate, it’s only $5. So I’m sure there will be a reasonable co-pay per month…

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