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Claiming to measurably reduce redness, a new range of products for problem red skin called Clinique Redness Solutions has recently been launched.

This range is another attempt by Clinique to enter the rosacea treatment market. Previous Clinique products targetted at rosacea sufferers have only ever received a luke warm response.

The new Clinique Redness Solutions range consists of ;

  • Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream is said “rushes soothing relief to upset skin. Quickly calms flare-ups of visible redness, irritation.”
  • Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15 is claimed “Protects skin from the UVA/UVB exposure that can aggravate skins with Rosacea or reactive redness. Does it without chemical sunscreens.”
  • Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream is said to “instantly calm skins with Rosacea. Relieves visible redness, blotchiness. Soothes to cool discomfort. Over time, helps improve skin’s comfort, lessens the look of broken capillaries.”
  • Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser is said to “melt away makeup and impurities. Helps calm redness, irritation while preserving skin’s moisture balance. Smooth with mild exfoliation. Leaves skin clean, comforted.”
  • [NEW] Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder claims that this powder will reduce visible redness and `broken capillaries virtually disappear-instantly and for hours’. Further `Patent-pending formula helps skin “keep its cool.” Oil-free, talc-free. With anti-bacterial brush. Appropriate for skins with mild-to-moderate Rosacea or reactive redness.’

Update: The Urgent Relief Cream contains hydrocortisone 0.5%. Perhaps some care should be used with the Urgent Relief Cream as we know that over the counter steroids can cause rosacea itself.

Clinique Redness Solutions User Reviews

Paul H says:

I have been using the Clinique daily redness relief cream and it is really good. I have been unable to tolerate ANYTHING – but this seems to be ok. The “urgent relief cream” is OK also, but it is mainly for “itching,” and doesn’t work as well as the daily redness relief cream, which is very soothing.

bellemichelle says:

The urgent relief cream is NOT a rosacea product, but for reactive redness. It’s just hydrocortizone actually, and hydrocortizone doesn’t do anything for rosacea. Save your money on that one, especially at $30!

The daily relief cream is identical to the CX relief cream, just less expensive. I like it though, it’s a nice mild moisturizer. Don’t believe the claims about it “over time reducing rosacea flare-ups”, I can’t believe how much companies get away with in their marketing!

They have a sunscreen and cleanser too. The sunscreen is too oily for my skin, but it’s gentle at least, I didn’t react to it. The cleanser is my favorite product, it’s mild and non-reactive and it doesn’t dry your skin out.

mecheleshnm says:

Hi, I’ve been using Clinique’s Redness Relief for a week so far. Results are good, not great. On the plus side, it’s the only product I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot!) that gives me immediate relief. The relief though only lasts a few hours. I’m going to keep using it because and relief is welcome– and it costs $40! I’ll check back in a month and let you know how it’s going.

Katgo says:

I swung by the clinique counter for something else right before christmas and saw this line…of course I had to try it! I bought the cleanser ($25), the moisturizer ($65), i refused to buy the calming stuff since it was full of hydrocortisone. Basically, it’s a total waste of money. The cleanser was nice, but not worth that kind of cash, and the cream is meant for all the clinique skintypes(1,2,3,4) therefore isn’t very moisurizing.

I used it for three days and called it quits. My skin is combination and this stuff was making it very dry/dehyrated, which in turn lead to my face becoming more red! The women at the clinique counter also said they had a training on this product and were told to tell clients not even to use other clinique products in combination with this stuff or it would effect results, so who knows if they want you to even take your meds with these products.

Lucky for me, the clinique counter took all these products back, so you can always try it pretty risk free. If you do buy this product, I hope you have better results

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What about you ? Do you like these new products ? Are you excited that Clinique is now directly addressing rosacea ? Leave a comment below to let us all know what you think.

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119 Reader Comments

  1. Sonia says:

    I tried the Instant Relief Mineral Powder and wasn’t happy with it. It didn’t work and, in fact, had a burning sensation.

  2. Preety says:


    I have had annoying reddness flare up on one of my cheeks for over a year and tried a multitude of products to no avail. Finally, I decided to try the Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief cream and it has worked miracles on my skin. I can not believe this is the same skin that was so sensitive and flared up no matter what I tried. I am very pleased with the product. I still use the foaming facial wash and Skin Type 1 toner before applying the cream. They all appear to work together very well. I have combination T-zone shiny skin and these 3 products keep me well hydrated as well as shine-free. I couldn’t be happier after a year of agony!

    Thank you Clinique!

  3. Kim V says:

    I had the Clinique counter make me a sample of the redness relief cream last night. I was so excited to try it the morning, however two hours after applying it and I felt a flare like nothing I have experienced before! I look like I have such a bad sunburn and feel like it too. It’s now 8 hours later and I have been having to put the back of my hands on my face all day to try and help it feel cooler… I’m so disappointed, but I know that’s how Rosacea is – what works for one, will not work for another… On to the next…

  4. marie says:

    I used the clinique redness solution program for about 2 years. It was amazing for my skin. I know that now! For a week ago I had no more left of clinique. I had read a lot of good stuff about the Rosaceacare line and I thought that I perhaps could improve my skin even more. So I bought the Rosaceacare line and in a week my rosacea turned from pink clean skin to totally red burning skin with pickles all over, even under my eyes.
    Today I bought the clinique again I already feel a relief.
    Do any of you know whether the clinique powder has come to Denmark yet?
    Right now I use the dior nude foundation and the jane iredale purepressedbase. I like the foundation because it is very light and natural and my skin doesn’t react to it. But sometimes the makeup doesn’t last so many hours. Have any of you tried dermablend makeup for rosacea?

  5. Carla says:

    I got to the point that I didn’t even bother with makeup as the redness raised its ugly tone about 2 hours later. “I’m red, that’s the way God made me, deal with it” was my attitude. Then Clinical/Estee Lauder sponsored free makeover sessions at my college. I tried the Clinique redness products and have been amazed at the transformation. Apparently my skin is one that reacts very well to the product line. I use the cleanser am/pm, the cream am/pm, the protective base under my makeup and the powder. Fair, fat, almost 50 … and I feel like a new woman.

  6. Pamela says:

    I went to the clinique counter feeling very skeptical about their redness products helping my skin as I have tried other redness products that turned my skin lobster color. I tried the cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock trio. My skin returned to its normal color after just two days (there was immediate improvement after the first application) and the products really do soothe. I have had very red irritated skin for several years and nothing has helped improve it including prescription Metrogel. This has been a miracle worker for my skin and I am 100% happy with the results.

  7. frances says:

    I am so glad for you! I have to say that nothing seems to work for me. Maybe I do not keep up with it long enough. Clinique yellow face powder is good and takes the redness away but it is only camouflage.
    I have some problems here and could do with some advice.
    Regarding sunblock when I was abroad in the fall I stayed in the shade and even Sunsense Factor 50+ still lets through enough sun to make the skin flare up seriously. It looks light a bad burn. Is there anything that gives a more effective sunblock?

    When I went to the US I bought a load of stuff that is recommended for rosacea – we can’t get much in the UK – but as I am 3 treatments into IPL I have stopped using everything for now.
    I have 2 treatments to go. When I get hot or stressed the rosacea really makes itself known – even after 3 treatments.

    I am so worried that the skin on my nose is changing and thickening.
    The derm says usually she sees this only in men – just my luck! She cannot see these changes but I know my face well enough to know that there is thickening and a less smooth, bumpy surface that is flesh coloured, jot rosacea coloured.
    IPL does not have any effect on this rhinopl….. whatever it’s called.
    It needs the other laser type treatment that shaves the surface away. Oh God! Anyone (ladies) have any experience of this? I am very worried what the future will bring and how my face will change.

  8. Pamela says:

    Hi Frances
    Have you tried the Rosacea Care range? Did wonders for me


  9. Carla says:

    Just an update: I’ve been using Clinique for about a month now and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel on my daily relief cream. This is the first time my students have seen me in full warpaint and they are impressed … “Whoa, Mrs. ____; you look good.” I’m ecstatic.

  10. Carolyn says:

    I tried the daily moisturizer for a couple weeks. It seemed to tone down the red, but while I was using this stuff I was constantly dehydrated and gulping water constantly. Plus it gave me a really bitter taste in my mouth. Not sure what caused that, but it’s not worth it. I stopped using the stuff.

  11. Andrea says:

    I have been using the Redness Solutions cleanser for over a year, in combination with the Redness Solutions SPF 15 day lotion; and in combination with Revaleskin Coffeeberry night creme. I use the products all over my face and neck. I avoid my eyes and mouth with SPF creme.

    It’s a winning combination for me! Yes – expensive but also very effective for me.

    I have very fair, fragile, aging, sun damaged, combination skin. My Rosacea pattern is around my mouth and down my chin. I live inland where harsh, varied weather can be a significant factor.

    When I use the Clinique Redness cleanser with these other products my skin is tighter, dewy and translucent, my pores are smaller and less clogged, lines soften – and most importantly, the redness disappears.

    I could recommend this for aging skin with Rosacea.

  12. Frances says:

    I have the same type of fair fragile skin that Andrea describes. I am waiting for the IPL treatment to finish. 4 treatments in, and I still get a noticeable bright red flush on bith cheeks with highspots of redness at the cheekbone level. This can be triggered after exposure to the elements, cloudy day, breezy day (don’t intentionally ‘do’ sun – I’m the one dashing for shade, hot conditions indoors or out, stressful situations, even a drop of alcohol and there comes the redness.
    What I have here in the beauty box waiting for the last IPL treatment is a mixture of Kalme products (quite gentle but do they work? the jury is out on that; Avene Skin recovery cream (bought in Canada and recommended by one of the ladies I spoke with there); Monistat Powder-gel skin protectant (boy, is that brilliant for a pore minimiser); the various pharmaceutical preps from the derm; and eventually when I have given all of these a fair trial I will buy the Clinique Daily Relief cream.
    Whatever I use has to be compatible with 50 SPF sun cream that has to go on whatever the weather conditions. I wish I could find a high SPF that does not leave a sticky residue.

  13. Frances says:

    Dear Pam
    Having said all, that I am wondering if the Clinique range should be my first range of choice! I wonder if our chemists’ shops do samples first? Worth a try! Thanks for your comment.
    Best wishes

  14. Andrea says:

    For Francis

    I have an SPF recommendation too, also from my dermatologist –

    La Roche-Posay 45 SPF
    Anthelios sun milk non greasy

  15. frances says:

    Thanks, Andrea. I have seen La Roche Posay advertised on a UK website, and will look up Anthelios too. Even though Sunsense for the face is 50+ (and we can get that on prescription from the GP in the UK) for me it is still not quite strong enough to stop the flare of redness even in cloudy conditions.

  16. Kristel says:

    I am a Clinique consultant and would like to offer some more insight on the Redness Solutions line of products. First off, the Urgent Relief Cream DOES contain hydrocortisone, and is for reactive/flare-ups of redness. Flare-ups would be defined as a blemish, allergic reaction to a product, a bee sting, bug bite, etc. The Soothing Cleanser, Daily Relief Cream, and Protective Base SPF 15 are for persistent redness. The entire Redness Solutions line is oil-free (someone had commented on the Protective Base being too oily, no oil in it). Oil is known to sometimes make rosacea worse, therefore it is not used in this line. All of Clinique’s products are Allergy Tested, which goes beyond being hypo-allergenic, and 100% Fragrance Free. Clinique believes in always doing what is best for skin. I have seen amazing results from this line of products, but they do need to be used as a system. The cleanser calms and soothes the skin, it can be massaged on for a few minutes to really soothe, then it can either be rinsed or tissued off. When the cream is applied it helps keep the skin calm all day or night. Both of these products contain sea whip extract (comes from coral) which is calming and soothing to the skin. The final step before makeup in the morning would be the Protective Base SPF 15 which is a physical sunblock of titanium dioxide and zinc, which is the gentlest sunscreen for any skin. The base is also tinted green to cut down on redness and works as a foundation primer to help makeup wear longer. The newest product in the line is the Instant Relief Mineral Powder. This is a treatment powder which is spray-coated with ingredients to treat redness. The powder would be used under a powder foundation or over a liquid foundation. It can also be pressed into the skin with the fingertips if an area is excessively red or needs more soothing. It can be reapplied throughout the day to soothe the skin. It is also recommended for people suffering from a cold to pat around the nose to soothe the skin from repeated nose blowing. I hope this helps.

  17. Kellie says:

    I bought the Clinique redness solutions line from macy’s about six weeks ago. I stopped by the counter, inquired and of course the clinique lady was quick to put it on me! Like another poster said in their comment, I walked around the mall, looked at it in different lighting and really liked what I saw. I wash w/the face cleanser in the shower and use the moisturizer before bed and when I get up, use the powder and the sunscreen if I’m going out. My skin has responded remarkably well to it, I like how it looks and feels and have suffered absolutely zero adverse reactions! I recommend anyone to try it, if it doesn’t suit your skin type, definitely take it back!

  18. ERIK MORALES says:

    I has to stopped using the cream bc it was making me breaout, it is really good but for my oily skin was too much moisture I guess. I am using Virtual Laser Redness Rescue right now, have u tried it??

  19. Darren Kinahan-Goodwin says:

    As my skin is very prone to acne flare-ups I had been using quite a lot of acne products (e.g. face scrubs containing salicylic acid), and mostly these were OK, except they could leave my skin a bit dry and sensitive.

    I had tried the redness solutions soothing cleanser a little bit before but was put off by its creamy texture (when you have a bad flare-up of spots u just wanna scrub and blast it with something industrial to make the spots go away!).

    Then I decided I would give the cleanser a go again and I’m glad I did, it feels nice to gently massage it into the skin and my skin does feel softer, less dry and more soothed. Combined with the daily relief cream I think I have less rosacea redness and actually have less acne than when using salicylic acid acne products.

  20. Ginna says:

    The Urgent relief cream does contain hydrocortisone. The very experienced lady who works at the counter told me that this particular cream is to be used only for an immediate “bad reaction” to something, i.e., a bug bite. She actually stated that the urgent relief cream was bad for rosacea.

  21. Virginia says:

    I really like the powder. It does not irritate my skin at all and it does indeed mask the redness. I can use it alone or under foundation. With the powder, I can use much less foundation. Either way, the result is very natural. I tried it on my husband just to see how it might look on someone who does not wear any makeup — at all, ever — and we were amazed! He has been having problems looking very red after shaving and it truly neutralized the red spaces.

  22. Bianca says:


    I wanted to comment and let you all know that I am a make up artist and was diagnosed with Rosacea at age 30. I am now 38 years old and have learned much about this condition as well as what works really well for me. First, I beleive that due to the fact that everyone has different skin types (oily/dry/sensitive, etc.) that its to be expected that what works for one person may not work the same for the other. Prior to age 30, I had extremely oily, acne proned skin. I am certain it was real acne versus acne rosacea. At 30, my skin freaked out and thats when I was diagnosed with Rosacea. My skin looks pretty good since I have been following this regimine:

    Cleanser: Cetaphil for Normal to Dry skin (the one for oily skin makes my face inflame.)

    Treatment Cream: Dr. Brandt’s Laser Relief (THIS STUFF IS AWESOME, WORTH THE PRICE!)

    Moisturizers: I use various moisturizers. Right now I have the Clinique Redness stuff and it does not do anything for my Rosacea really, but its fine as a generic moisturizer. I also use anti-aging stuff from Lancome, Estee Lauder, Dr. Brandt and Dr. Perricone and Bobbi Brown. Some of the stuff will aggrivate my skin but usually the lightweight moisturizers are okay. To be honest, I find that the Dr. Brandt Laser line is the best for my skin all around. The Laser Tight in addition to the Laser Relief is great.

    The other thing people should know is that good foundation is key. I use only yellow based foundations b/c that is what counteracts the red. (not green as some lines like Clinique will try to make you believe.) TRANSLUCENT YELLOW. That is why the Clinique mineral powder does look good…it’s yellow. I really love the Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Foundation. Other lines that have yellow bases are Stila and some Laura Mercier.

    Another note about cosmetics: stay away from shimmery stuff. Like bronzers and blushes with lots of shimmer. That is an ingredient called “mica” which is very sharp and will aggravate your skin.

    I am in the process of creating a blog that will feature alot of information about Rosacea and make up lines that work best for Rosacea sufferers. Stay tuned.

  23. leslie says:

    ooooh! i’ll avoid this one for sure. i (a rosacea sufferer) was previously diagnosed with “steroid induced acne” – which resulted from using a hydrocortisone product on the rosacea areas. initially it was effective – but ultimately, it created a mountain of resulting skin problems!

  24. Emma says:

    I have been using Daily Relief cream for around a week now and im already seeing the difference.
    I have dry skin aswell as Rosacea with lumps and bumps.
    I use my redness solutions as a base and then put cliniques turn around concentrate on the top.
    I am also using Clinique Superdefense age defense moisuriser (im only 27 btw), but because of the dry skin i need a heavy moisuriser.
    I can honestly say my skin is looking 50% better than it was a week ago and ive tried everything from 101E to Rozex from my GP.
    I to am a Make-Up artist and i would recommend that my clients try this if they suffer from Rosacea.
    Even if it doesnt work for you, its still worth a try right…. 🙂

  25. Wendy says:

    I use the Clinique Redness Solution and find it is helpful. I use the mild cleanser to clean my face. The 15 SPF moisturiser and the Almost make up foundation and it works for me. It is never completely gone but it covers up well.

  26. Pamela says:

    I have been using Clinique Redness Solution for about 3 months. Prior to this I was using La Roche cleanser. I like the Clinique Redness Solution cleanser better. My skin feels so much cleaner. I apply, leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse. After a long day it is a relief. I have heard that Clinique is coming out with a Redness Solution makeup foundation! I’m very interested in this. I have been using an Estee Lauder Foundation for years but know it contains frangrance which is not good for my skin.

  27. Lora says:

    I used the Daily Protective Base over the winter. Makes me look like a ghost on its own but it’s good underneath Almost Makeup for better coverage without a heavily madeup look. No irritation at all but I was getting a few breakouts. I suspected the base so I stopped for a while. However I’m still getting some, so I may resume it. I prefer to use Super City Block in summer anyway because of the higher SPF.

    At the weekend I bought some product at the clinique counter and got some redness solutions freebies – more base, cleanser, daily moisturiser. So far, I LOVE the cleanser – does the job fine, no irritation and doesn’t dry out the skin. I’d definitely buy it again based on current experience in spite of the price tag as I haven’t had much luck with cleansers for a while.

    I’m doubtful about the moisturiser as while it doesn’t exactly irritate, my skin looks redder for quite a while after using. I have never yet found a moisturiser I can stand and was hoping this could be the one exception. I’ll try it for a while longer but unless I see an improvement by the time the pot’s finished I won’t buy more.

  28. Lora says:

    Update after a week – I have carried on trying out cleanser/moisturiser/base, using them together with no other products save for a little Benefit Get Even dusted over my nose and cheeks if needed. My initial problem with the moisturiser might have been that I tissued of after cleansing then applied the moisturiser relatively quickly. Since then I’ve been rinsing the cleanser, leaving a gap before applying the next stage and so on. My skin’s texture is better and the recent breakout has faded. I’m cautiously optimistic that I might have found a routine I can use at last, though it’s still early days.

    I remain highly dubious about any claims of reducing the appearance of thread veins over time, but getting any routine my skin can stand is progress.

  29. Yvonne says:

    A few months ago, while at Sephora, I was introduced to the Clinique redness relief line. I bought the starter kit for $45 and hoped for the best. I have used it every day since, and am so glad I have. Other cleansers that I had tried made me want to scratch my face off, and I can’t even begin to tell you about moisturizers. It was awful. The products have lasted a LONG TIME! I have only had to purchase the cleansing cream thus far, as I use only a pea sized drop. I know that I’ll continue to use the products as long as they’re offered — or at least as long as they continue to work for me.

    Now, to find a makeup that will do the same…!

  30. Lora says:

    Just a further progress report that I’m still using the cleanser and moisturiser twice daily, the base once daily, and my skin’s actually starting to look better. Not rosacea-free but not quite as red as before and the spottiness has largely disappeared. I am still getting through the last scrapings from the moisturiser sample but will definitely buy replacements when they run out.

    Lately when going out I have been putting on Almost Makeup after applying base and that works well enough on the toned-down skin colour, although it tends to wear off on the nose after a few hours.

  31. Karen says:

    I was diagnosed with steroid induced rosacea and have recently had success by treating it as a fungal infection. I use dandruff shampoo, scrubbing my face gently with a wash cloth a couple of times a week to get under any flakes of dead skin. In the summer I use athlete’s foot powder on my face night and day and it works wonders — reducing the oilyness and redness. In the winter I use athlete’s foot cream. The tight dryness is gone, the redness is radically reduced, the small white heads are gone too.

    I suspect that when I was initially prescribed hydrocortisone, I didn’t have rosacea at all, but seborrheic dermatitis, which is a fungal infection. Courtesy of the hydrocortisone prescription, I developed steroid induced rosacea.

  32. Sue says:

    Clinique is introducing a foundation called Redness Solutions. I obtained some samples and have used the foundation for three days now. It is oil-free and contains a sunscreen. It goes on thick, and initially gives you a pallor. But, within an hour the make-up seems to change to a natural hue. It covers very well and does last. It claims to use a “Probiotic Technology” which is a nebulous description, if ever I heard one. I emailed the on-line customer service person to ask what chemical(s) are in the foundation that constitute Probiotic technology. They didn’t want to answer and told me to call 866/707-2100 during office hours. I will.

    It doesn’t bother my skin and my skin is sensitive from roscea. I asked a friend at work if she thought she liked it better than my usual Super-Balance foundation. She said it made me look less ruddy. I agreed with her.

    Will keep you posted.

  33. MARIE says:


  34. Michael says:

    I have read all these reviews with interest as a friend has just told me about the Clinique Redness Solutions range. I have had rosacea (which is still fairly mild thankfully) for about a year. Some redness and spotty pampules and a few pimples. Initially I zapped it with a heavy dose of oral antibiotic plus topical but I realised that this was not a long term option. I tried the Zenmed products which were rubbish although they did refund me. I am now using the Rosacea 1V products which are essentially discs that you glide around infected wet skin. Their solution is holistic in a sense as it involves drinking lots of water, trying to moderate the skins acidity, moisturizing with Jojoba oil and cleansing with Neutragena cleansing bar. I have been using this system for 2 weeks now. Results are promising but not fantastic but the treatment needs at least a month to work. The upside of this treatment is the cost. Probably less than $100 for the lot which is a years supply (sorry can’t be exact, I live in the UK). I was wondering if anyone else is on this treatment. By the may, I am male and don’t have the same problems with make-up as you ladies! Anyway, if the results aren’t up to my expectations, I will give the Clinique range a try.

  35. neil says:

    whats works best for a flare up is a combination of diphenhydramine ( benadryll) pseudo ephdedrine (sudafed) and topical oxymetazoline nasal spray. the diphenhydramine works best though as it is a strong antihistamine and rosacea is all to do with excess histamine causes blood vessels to dilate. becarefull though it make you very drousey first time as its a sleep aid but a tolerance develops very fast…also copper supplement can reduce histamine levels over time..

  36. B girl says:

    Having the redness & breakouts can make you desperate to find something to make it go away but I cannot stress enough just how careful you should be before putting any kind of cortisone on your face. It is especially bad when a wrong diagnosis of rosacea has been made when it is really psoriasis. It initially seems to help but what it does long term is makes it spread under the skin to areas previously unaffected.
    I advise going to see your doctor to find out what medical help is available & make sure whatever treatment you are recommended won’t make your skin hyper-sensitive to the sun. Benzoyl Peroxide will make your pimples go away but will allow your skin to be much more damaged when out in the sun.
    Sometimes less is more so maybe try something a little more gentle as too much treatment of any kind will make your skin freak out. Try to stay natural as much as possible & look for soothing ingredients like chamomile or cucumber which have natural anti-inflammatory properties & can help reduce redness without causing other damage.

  37. Laura says:

    I just tried the Clinique Redness Solutions Redness Regimen for the first time last night and i woke up with redder, itchier, tighter, and burning cheeks. I think I have an allergic reaction to it. Is this normal for the first day? Should I stop right away or give it a week? Did this happen to any one where they were red first day but continued it and later on it got better with great results?

  38. Shelli says:

    I have been using this for a couple years, along with prosacea cream. It’s the only thing that still works well for me. Before this I used the Kohls line for extremely dry skin (I believe made by the same company that makes clinique) and was very happy for a couple years, but I think my skin got used to it and it wasn’t as effective. I went to Clinique as soon as I heard of it, buying the starter kit. I had good luck with it, but it took a good month to get through an adjustment phase (which always happens when I change products). Now, its the only thing I will use, even though its a bit more expensive than I’d like. I use the cleanser and cream morning and night, along with the prosacea. I also use bare minerals make up almost exclusively-its the only thing that covers well, and doesn’t irritate my skin.

  39. Chopsy M says:

    The trouble with all these companies is that they really like to fleece. They see us coming, of course (the red chops and aura of desperation can be difficult to hide.)

    I tried the Clinique moisturizer for the length of one pot, and there were a few occasions when it did actually calm the stinging down. I haven’t found anything else yet that has managed that, though my skin was better then than it is now. I don’t think it made the spots any better, but then, it’s not a miracle cream. I was thinking about getting some more, but when I e-mailed customer service for the list of ingredients, I was horrified by how long it was…

    I’m currently not sure whether to try it again or not. It is sooo expensive, and my dry itchy skin soaked up quite a lot of it.

    I do use their sunblock, though, the daily SPF15, with the SPF40 in the summer. It makes me look like a ghoul, and you can still see the redness. It was sitting better when I was just using a bit of evening primrose oil to moisturize, but now that I have been dabbling with the Metrocream again (deep sigh), it seems to slither about a bit, and it has a tendency to clump around the jawline. As well as show up every flake…

    Anyone got any good tips on exfoliating extremely sensitive skin?

  40. B girl says:

    I have been using Dr Lewinns SPF 30+ Daily moisturiser for ages now & it’s one of the few sunscreens I can use in confidence. I know it will actually protect my skin from the sun but more importantly it doesn’t make my skin break out ever! It costs about the same as the Clinique sunscreen but is much kinder to my skin & doesn’t have any cortisone or steroids so I know it won’t aggrevate my rosacea further. If you want a good product to keep ur breakouts under control try Finacea. It has to be the best one I have used that won’t make me hyper sensitive to the sun like Pro-active will or Oxy 10 which contain benxoyl peroxide & a host of other nasty chemicals. I used to over treat my skin in desperation and made it super stressed out & worse than ever & since I have left it alone more & gone for more gentle products have seen no end of improvement.As I am almost 40 & want more dramatic results I have just undergone IPL for the minor redness & will let u know once I have completed my 3-4 treatments. I have seen significant improvement in the sun spots so far & look forward to seeing the full results.

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