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Clinique Redness Solutions: User Reviews

Claiming to measurably reduce redness, a new range of products for problem red skin called Clinique Redness Solutions has recently been launched.

This range is another attempt by Clinique to enter the rosacea treatment market. Previous Clinique products targetted at rosacea sufferers have only ever received a luke warm response.

The new Clinique Redness Solutions range consists of ;

Update: The Urgent Relief Cream contains hydrocortisone 0.5%. Perhaps some care should be used with the Urgent Relief Cream as we know that over the counter steroids can cause rosacea itself.

Clinique Redness Solutions User Reviews

Paul H says:

I have been using the Clinique daily redness relief cream and it is really good. I have been unable to tolerate ANYTHING – but this seems to be ok. The “urgent relief cream” is OK also, but it is mainly for “itching,” and doesn’t work as well as the daily redness relief cream, which is very soothing.

bellemichelle says:

The urgent relief cream is NOT a rosacea product, but for reactive redness. It’s just hydrocortizone actually, and hydrocortizone doesn’t do anything for rosacea. Save your money on that one, especially at $30!

The daily relief cream is identical to the CX relief cream, just less expensive. I like it though, it’s a nice mild moisturizer. Don’t believe the claims about it “over time reducing rosacea flare-ups”, I can’t believe how much companies get away with in their marketing!

They have a sunscreen and cleanser too. The sunscreen is too oily for my skin, but it’s gentle at least, I didn’t react to it. The cleanser is my favorite product, it’s mild and non-reactive and it doesn’t dry your skin out.

mecheleshnm says:

Hi, I’ve been using Clinique’s Redness Relief for a week so far. Results are good, not great. On the plus side, it’s the only product I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot!) that gives me immediate relief. The relief though only lasts a few hours. I’m going to keep using it because and relief is welcome– and it costs $40! I’ll check back in a month and let you know how it’s going.

Katgo says:

I swung by the clinique counter for something else right before christmas and saw this line…of course I had to try it! I bought the cleanser ($25), the moisturizer ($65), i refused to buy the calming stuff since it was full of hydrocortisone. Basically, it’s a total waste of money. The cleanser was nice, but not worth that kind of cash, and the cream is meant for all the clinique skintypes(1,2,3,4) therefore isn’t very moisurizing.

I used it for three days and called it quits. My skin is combination and this stuff was making it very dry/dehyrated, which in turn lead to my face becoming more red! The women at the clinique counter also said they had a training on this product and were told to tell clients not even to use other clinique products in combination with this stuff or it would effect results, so who knows if they want you to even take your meds with these products.

Lucky for me, the clinique counter took all these products back, so you can always try it pretty risk free. If you do buy this product, I hope you have better results

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