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article-1216509-0692B413000005DC-954_634x415The Daily Mail has published an article reviewing the Clarisonic in their Femail Beauty section. This article is no doubt motivated by the Clarisonic recently being launched in the UK (available exclusively via Space NK).

The `oversized electric toothbrush’ is promoted as the path to expertly cleansed skin; not via wipes, creams and scrubs it seems.

Interestingly the Clarisonic has for a long time been promoted as a part of a cleansing regime for rosacea sufferers. Knowing just how sensitive the skin of rosacea sufferers can be, it was a brave marketing move for Clarisonic. So far it seems to have paid off, rosacea sufferers are mostly positive in their reviews. Even the price tag doesn’t seem to dull rosacea sufferers enthusiasm for this ultimate cleansing gadget.

From the Daily Mail article:

Get supersonic skin: From the makers of the most popular toothbrush, a face cleaner they claim is just as good

It is claimed that the Clarisonic Skin Care System can remove make-up six times more effectively than a manual cleanser, and is twice as effective when it comes to getting rid of grease, dirt and other assorted gunk that collects in our pores and on our skin. 

The toothbrush analogy is no coincidence. The product was developed by the team behind the Sonicare electric toothbrush, which as well as brushing teeth claims to be able to remove more plaque because of its ‘patented sonic technology’.

The article addresses my first question when I heard about the Clarisonic – exactly what is sonic about this product – does it use sound waves to cleanse the skin ?

Usually when scientists use the term sonic, they’re talking about soundwaves or things moving at the speed of sound. Here, according to David Hughes, Clarisonic’s director of international operations, it refers to the very fast oscillating movement of the bristles.

So there we have it, as suspected, the `sonic’ in Clarisonic, is mostly marketing speak.

The Clarisonic is being promoted as a way to make existing skincare regimes more effective. The idea being that properly cleaned skin is more receptive to moisturizers and indeed all skincare products. Whether you will get value from investing £150 in this product, only time can tell.

Overall, rosacea sufferers are impressed with the Clarisonic Skin Care System. You can see user reviews from fellow rosacea sufferers here: Clarisonic User Reviews

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