Clarifoam EF no longer available?

Written by on June 5, 2016 in Acne Treatments, Rosacea Topicals with 4 Comments

I have had an email from a rosacea sufferer who is finding it hard to get hold of Clarifoam EF in the US. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for Michelle, please leave a comment below.

Hi David,

I wanted to contact you and ask if you knew where I could find clarifoam ef these days. I am being told that none of the pharmacies in the area are able to get it any longer – that it has been discontinued.

I am horrified as clarifoam changed my life – stopped breakouts AND controlled oil and rosacea. My doc put me on clindomyacin (sp?) and it is just not the same and definitely does not achieve the same results at all.

I think that Valeant Pharmaceuticals bought the Onset Dermatologics (the ppl who made clarifoam)?

It appears that Valeant is now caught up in some SEC issue? Perhaps clarifoam is shelved for now? I just want my skin back – I have been searching the internet for days and cannot find the answer – any help would be appreciated.


Over the years there have been a few products that contain Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur – Clenia, Rosaderm, Plexion, Ovace, Klaron, Rosanil, Rosac and Rosula. Some of these are no doubt no longer available also, but at least a place to start.

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4 Reader Comments

  1. Janet says:

    I use sodium sufacetamide 10% & sulfur 5% cleanser and it works great. I dont know if its anything like the foam you mentioned, but ask your dermatologist for a prescription.

  2. Ann Feibleman says:

    For the reader who was looking to find CLARIFOAM — you may have to go outside the US. Have you tried Canada or Mexico? If Valeant did buy Onset Dermatologics, you may have some real digging to do. Valeant is in a desperate fight for survival, the details of which don’t matter. I’d suggest you try to get through to them. They are based in Laval, Quebec, Canada ( Phone 321-4576) With any luck you can talk your way to somebody who really knows something helpful.

  3. comment via email from Jill.

    “Walgreens have an acne sulphur product that works and Clearisil Adult acne ointment works (because it has sulphur). “

  4. Beverly Carter says:

    I looked for it at a Canadian pharmacy that I used to use. They list it, but it is out of stock. I don’t think they will be able to get more. Sorry.

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