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Always wanted to have a blog or little corner of the internet you could call your own ? Well now you can. Every registered member of the Rosacea Support Community can have their very own blog area.

So please feel free to start your own Rosacea Community Blog.

Why would I want one of those ?

Your own blog will allow you post your thoughts, ideas, rants etc. in a part of the community site that you can call your own. Each post will be stored and given its own unique web address, stored underneath your Rosacea Support Community Username.

Getting Started

To get started, just login and look for the link titled “My Blog” near the top right hand side.

rosacea community blog

Writing a blog post feels very much like writing a forum posting. Just select “Post a Blog Entry’ and you are underway. Type a good descriptive Subject, your post text and hit Submit.

Once you have posted a blog entry, other users will be able to comment on your post.

Other Blogs

You can see what others are saying on their blog my taking the link to Blogs, also on the top right hand side.

view blog posts

You will also notice a new link above the forum index called “View blog posts” that will show you who has posted an entry recently.

rosacea community blog profile

Once a user has posted some blog entries, you’ll see a link below their profile.

What is allowed ?

Basically anything that is and isn’t allowed on the community forum, will also be allowed or frowned upon on the Community Blogs. Any post that seeks to build friendships and uplift rosacea sufferers will be fine.

How do I register ?

Not a member of the Rosacea Support Community ? No problem, just Register here.

Already registered ? Great, what are you waiting for ? Start your Rosacea Community Blog now.

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