What is the Best Moisturizer for Rosacea ?


An excellent consumer report about how to choose a moisturizer. The linked article below gives some background on how moisturizers are formulated, how they work, and the operation of common active ingredients.

A table at the end of the PDF document compares about 75 available moisturizers, classifying them under Face, Hands and Feet.

This list of products is perfect for anyone searching for the best moisturizer for rosacea.

Moisturizers: What They Are and a Practical Approach to Product Selection, J. N. Kraft, BSc (Hons) and C. W. Lynde, MD, FRCPC

Skin Therapy Letter (PDF), Volume 10, Number 5, June 2005,

Abstract: Moisturizers are widely used products that are important in many dermatologic and cosmetic skin therapies. They contain varying combinations of emollients, occlusives, and humectants to achieve their beneficial effects, and there is an overwhelming number of formulations available. To develop a rational approach for prescribing moisturizers, commercially available products can be categorized on the basis of application site.

Key Words: dry skin, emollients, humectants, moisturizers, occlusives

There is a vast array of moisturizers available on the market today and consumer demand for these products is growing. These products range from value brands that provide basic moisturization to luxury therapeutics with claims of anti-aging benefits. A recent US study found that moisturizers are the third most commonly recommended OTC topical skin product (13.4%) behind hydrocortisone (27.6%) and anti-infectives (23.4%)

The article has the following sections:

  • What Are Moisturizers?
  • How Do Moisturizers Work?
  • Emollients
  • Occlusives
  • Humectants
  • Where Are They Used?
  • What is the Ideal Moisturizer?
  • Formulation Characteristics

The following moisturisers look to be of potential interest to rosacea sufferers. These are listed in the comparison table.

A summary of some Canadian-marketed moisturizing products/active ingredients by sites of use (many of these products are available in the US as well). This list does not profess to be all-inclusive but includes many of the popular brands used by dermatologists in their practices.

  • Facial Moisturizer, Active Ingregients
  • Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer (Galderma), Cyclomethicone, glycerin
  • Complex 15 Face Cream (Schering Plough), Dimethicone, lecithin
  • Dormer 211 Face Cream (Dormer), Hyaluronic acid complex, lecithin
  • Dove Sensitive Essentials (Unilever), Petrolatum, mineral oil, dimethicone
  • Enydrial (Roc Laboratories), Hypoallergenic base
  • Eucerin 5% Facial Cream (Beiersdorf), 5% Urea
  • Hydra + Destressant (Roc Laboratories) , Hypoallergenic base
  • Hydraphase UV SPF30 (La Roche Posay) , Glycerin, thermal spring water
  • Impruv (Stiefel), Glycerin, shea butter, squalene
  • Neutrogena Moisture Cream (Johnson and Johnson), Glycerin, dimethicone, petrolatum
  • Nutrilogie 1 Intensive Care for Dry Skin (Vichy Laboratories), Sphingo-lipid, urea, glycerin
  • Nutrilogie 2 Intensive Care for Very Dry Skin (Vichy Laboratories), Sphingo-lipid, urea, beeswax, shea butter
  • Oil of Olay Moisture Cream & Oil of Olay Complete All Day Cream (Proctor and Gamble) Hypoallergenic base
  • Spectroderm (Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer), Dimethicone, glycerin
  • Toleriane Riche Smooth Protective Cream (La Roche Posay), Shea butter, squalene, glycerin
  • Toleriane Soothing Protective Care (La Roche Posay), Glycerin, squalene
  • Vichy Thermal Fix 1 and 2 (Vichy Laboratories), Filladyn, sunflower oil, glycerin
  • Vichy Novadiol Intensive Re-Densifying Care Face and Neck (Vichy Laboratories), Phytocomplex, beeswax, glycerin

Featured Products

What do you like?

Have you found a moisturizer that you love enough to recommend to other rosacea sufferers?

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281 Reader Comments

  1. Penny says:

    Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not making light of our condition. I too have cancelled engagements because I looked like a tomatoe and looked like a teenager with bad acne. I can’t go to the beach or play outside with my granddaughter. I’ve spent and continue to spend a fortune on IPL and fraxel treatments. But sometimes it helps me to put it into perspective and be thankful I don’t have cancer or something worse. I’m sorry if I made anyone think that this is not a horrible socially crippling disease. I too have ocular Rosacea and always feel like I have sand in my eyes. Good luck to everyone and its nice to vent to others that understand.

  2. Annette says:

    Penny – I too have a nasty case of rosacea as well as Blepharitis (that sand in the eye feeling} – I bought Occusoft to wash my eyelids and Systane eyedrops for the dryness and have been free of eye problems for months. I also found that if I use the Murad redness line of wash, gel and moisturizer, that my skin is good enough for the public 🙂 good luck.

  3. Penny says:

    Thanks, Annette. I’ll try that Occusoft.

  4. Anita T. Monroe says:

    Before I found this site, I knew no one else who had Rosacea. It was terribly lonely trying to cope with a condition that seemed to be my own personal curse. Now I
    know that there are many other people, and while I’m sorry that others are having the same problems, it is a relief not to feel so alone.

    Sometimes I keep pushing the boundaries of things that I know are triggers. I love wine, and during some parts of the year I can drink it without flare-ups. I tried it
    recently at a party, and knew right away that it was the wrong thing to do. I had days of trying to get my symptoms under control.

    It is a nuisance to keep in-house moisturizers putting out steam, but they do help, so
    I keep several going in the rooms where I spend the most time.

    Good luck to everyone as we try to navigate winter weather without too many flare-ups. Happy New Year.


  5. Brenda says:

    Hi I’ve found a great product, at least for me the make is Dermalogica uk. they have loads of products that have been tested and tried. It isn’t cheap but they send free samples with purchase so you can try things out, I’ve tried some of the dry skin products and ordered a product recommended for the redness of rosacia so I will tell you how I get on. Let me know if any of you have tried it. Happy New Year to all!!!!

  6. Sue says:

    It’s so nice to find a site where we can get some feedback on certain products! Right now, I am looking into home-made facial creams as there is some chemical ( or more) in all of the over the counter remedies that I’ve tried that causes worsening redness and a lot of stinging. So far I haven’t been able to identify it and the home-made creams are at least more soothing!

    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on “Rosacea” creams and redness reducing moisterizers and I have given them all plenty of time to work, to no avail. I’m working on a journal to help me identify my worst triggers, which is helping a lot.

    Again, it’s great knowing I’m not alone!

  7. Theresa says:

    Wishing everyone a happy new year and grateful for all the support from you all and this site. I too have spent lots of money, Sue and have just kept experimenting and even mosturizers that are said to be for sensitive skin and very bland have stung me and made my face red red red! Be glad to here of your progress – at the moment I am using the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser as all other cleansers have either stung or left me clogged (dermatologist ones). I am experimenting with a new oil from Dermlab which so far so good and adding some Trilogy rosehip oil to scarring to see if that works.
    A friend has recommended Joyce Blok? sunscreen – has anyone tried it?

    I tried the clinique cityblock (expensive here in NZ) and it didnt look great with my enlarged pores plus peeld off strangely.

    thank you all again and thank you to the internet for lessening our isolation.

  8. Ellen says:

    I just returned from the Clinque counter and the Redness Solution Daily Relier Cream is $46 for 1.7 oz. I find this ridiculous. I like it but it just keeps getting more and more expensive. I am curious if there are other solutions on the market that are comparable. Does anyone have suggestions.

  9. Anita Monroe says:

    Yes, I know of another moisturizer that works for people with Rosacea. It’s called Nutragena, and it was recommended to me by the doctor who was the head of dermatology at Emory Clinic. He said that this lotion is the most effective one that he knows, and is fairly inexpensive. Some drugstores carry it, and, if it is not on the shelves, the pharmacist can order it for you.

    I have used Nutragena for years and it is soothing and comforting to Rosacea prone skin.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Linda says:

    Another choice is Vanicream – one pound for less than $20.00. I wash with Aquanil soap – 16 oz. for about $14.00 – both come in a pump container. I buy mine at CVS pharmacy – they order it for me. I also use Argan Oil that I buy on Ebay from Berber Direct. I find the listing that says “make an offer” and I get it for $12.00 for 2 oz., which is really CHEAP – Josie Maran sells her Argan Oil on QVC for $40.00!!!

    These products plus a humidifier and a Clarisonic used with a DELICATE brush got my dryness under control. Write if you need a sunscreen that won’t burn you face. Many of us on this site are EXPERTS at this point – lol…

    PS. – Most drugstores carry the moisturizers by order, or on their sites. Clinique is a rip-off – you can take it back. Just say it made your skin worse. If it’s been over thirty days, they will usually give a credit and you can buy eyeshadow or something that won’t hurt you skin…

  11. vicki says:

    I was just diagnosed with rosacea, and I have found that the perscription metrogel is very very drying but it does reduce the redness and burning feeling. But I just bate the fact that my face feels like a desert and is rough to the touch. I also have rosacea on my eyelids and under my eyes so all that dry feeling around my eyes is just so uncomfortable. I also just thought it was me, but to see that others have that sandy feeling in the eyes is relieving. I didn’t know it was related! Thank you for all your good advice! I will keep a journal as well to try to determine what works and what doesn’t.

  12. Sara says:

    Vicki –

    The metro gel is extremely drying and it was painful for me. I switched to the metro cream and it is leaps and bounds better. Good luck!


  13. Linda says:

    Vicki – talk to an eye doctor or your GP and get a prescription for Restasis – usually covered by insurance. They are drops for the eyes and they worked wonders for me – I wear contacts. Also, my eye doctor told me to bathe my eyes gently with baby shampoo and water to remove any crust and then apply a good moisturizer – I use Vanicream. See my other posts for gentle, non-irritating moisturizers and soaps.

    Best of luck…

  14. elizabeth ann says:

    A tip from my dermatologist – I’ve just had an IPL treatment and my skin is extra sensitive for a week or two afterwards. She gave me a suggestion which I’m finding really helpful. After cleansing, instead of a commercial moisturizer I spread a layer of aloe vera gel all over my face. When this is dry, I put two drops of argan oil on one palm, then rub my palms together to distribute the oil, and gently press my palms on to my face. Any excess oil usually disappears in a few minutes, but if it doesn’t, I blot very, very gently with a soft tissue. In the morning, I then put a sunscreen over everything. In the evening, that’s all I do. My rosacea loves this regime, and I may carry on when my skin’s calmed down.

  15. Theresa says:

    kia ora everyone
    thanks so much elizabeth anne for you rhelpful comment.
    Please would you let us know what you cleanse with and which suncream you use?

    Anyone else re suncreams – I have had a real problem finding nonstinger.

    thanks again for the all the support.

  16. Sara says:

    I look for sunscreens without oxybenzone. It usually ends up being sunscreen for babies. That keeps the burn away for me. Good luck!

  17. elizabeth ann says:

    Theresa, the sunscreen I use is by Clarins – it’s called High Protection SPF40, and it has titanium as the sunscreen ingredient. It also includes a lot of green tea, and I think that’s how my skin can tolerate it, as it is very calming. My derm also recommended Heliocare sunscreens. But she also said, don’t experiment unless you need to find something new, either because your current products aren’t working or because the manufacturer has changed or discontinued the formula. Rosacea skins don’t like change! Hope this helps.

  18. vicki says:

    Thank you Sara, I did call my Dr. And he just reduced me to using it every other day. I am using cerave cream to help with the dry feeling. But I also found something completely crazy that helps with the redness and sore itchy feeling. Its Balmex! I thought I would try it since its gentle enough for a baby’s bottom and it has zinc oxide in it. I have been using it at night before I go to bed. My skin feels calm and moisturized! Thanks for all the great advise ladies I look forward to reading new tips and ideas.

  19. Sharon says:

    Hi! Has anyone been having a problem with a growth on their eyes. It appears that I have Ocular Rosacea that the Specialist I see has to keep measuring as it is getting closer to my pupil. Has anyone had to have surgery due to Ocular Rosacea. I used Olay cleaning cloths and Olay mosterizer which helps some, I also take 100mg of Doycycline a day. I do drink coffee. I wear Bare Essentials which helps cover the redness. It appears I do not have as bad a case as some on here other than my vision.

  20. elizabeth ann says:

    Hello Sharon –
    Yes, I too have ocular rosacea, and it can cause “bumps” on the cornea. I haven’t had to deal with this yet, but it’s always a lurking possibility. I take doxycycline every day (100 mg each morning) for courses of six to twelve weeks, every winter, and sometimes even in summer if I get a flare-up of ocular or facial rosacea. It’s a real nuisance. It makes me more sensitive to the sun, and as I already have that very pale, pink and white “Celtic” skin it means lots of sunscreen every single day. I hope you don’t have to have surgery.
    I do drink coffee, by the way, as I’m so terrible in the morning without it. It doesn’t seem to affect my rosacea at all, whereas alcohol does, so I avoid that.
    Good luck!

  21. Maggie says:

    Hi everybody ! Just want to say that after trying so many face lotions – Mario badescu aloe lotion SPF 15 is the best . Give it a try and u will not regret , I promise . And I also use aloe gel to calm down my skin , and remember to use non alcohol oil free products .

  22. aileen says:

    I treat the ocular rosacea with I teasp of baking soda in one pint of boiled water which can be kept in fridge for a week, take a little drop out each time.I was told to use my finger so that little fibres do not get in the eyes. I have had a lot of surgery on eye lids and cataract ops but none for the rosacea. Have been taking doxy for years. Aileen

  23. Donna says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am new here, but I have been dealing with a skin condition ever since I was peri-menopausal, I am now menopausal and have put on some weight which is not coming off. My gynecologist has had me taking natural progesterone/estrogen +Dhea 10 mg. I have found the hormones tend to make my face worse.
    Had some problem with my eyes in the morning with mucus/scratchiness. I was diagnosed by my eye doctor after going to him for what he called bletharitis. I have the condition cleared up, but he did say that he could see that I had some Rosacea, it was very minimal back then. I was not taking any hormones back at that time.
    My skin was always pretty good until now. I am confused about what to use. My regular doctor gave me some metrogel to try and it was very drying to my skin and seemed to make my redness and pimples worse. I am trying to find out what to use on my skin so that I can help it look and feel better. I have not been to a dermatologist as of yet! I bought some Aveeno ultra-calming cleanser. This is my 2nd day using. I have been using the Internet to research what I can do for my skin. There are so many products and then I look at reviews some of them, some good and then other people say they have had nothing but problems. I really could use some feedback as to how I could pursue go forward and not waste a lot of money and time, so I can get my skin back to where it was or just not so red with small pustules, used to think they were acne, but never had problems with acne before. I know we are all different with our skin problems. Have read about triggers too!

  24. aileen says:

    rosex has helped my red face.

  25. Brenda says:

    Vicki. I bought some balmex as you suggested and I love it, the texture of my skin is much finer and the redness and itching has calmed some, I also take 1000mg of oxytetracycline a day and have been taking it for about 2years and that works well, but left my skin dry I think Balmex is helping. I found it hard to find at first as we don’t have it in england but found a tube on ebay. I have now found a 16 ounce jar on Amazon it’s not cheap but will last a long time, I find the tube a bit wastefull. Thanks for turning me on to it.

  26. Donna says:


    I am not sure if you were referring to me about the Rosex, but I did look it up and it is the Metrogel that i have already tried, I know this is the cream. Is that better? And what other type of skin care products to you use. I am really confused. The gel just seems to make my skin dry and look worse.


  27. aileen says:

    Hi Donna,I do not have pimples pustules etc, just redness and some little hard lumps which dermo said too deep to dig out. The Rosex cream has helped the redness.He also said any moisturiser is OK if it has 10 percent sorbolene- no need to buy expensive creams. I never use soap of any kind. At present using”Natralia Nourish Naturals” face wash and the oil after washing.Often use Redwin or cream from Aldi’s

    For ocular rosacea I clean lids with baking soda in water (or commercial lid cleaner if I am not at home) and then use restasis. Use poly gel all day.It is heavy and quite sticky but he said I needed more than just the usual eye drops. My dry eyes and dry mouth nearly drive me insane at times. Also have oral lichen planus which causes lot of grief. No one can see much so I never get any understanding why I feel rotten a lot of the time. Supposed to have Sjogrens Syndrome as well as Burning MOuth Syndrome. Both little understood and there is no cure. Has been described as “Systematic illness” or something like that. Does not seem to be any real answer. Good luck with it all. Aileen

  28. Comment via email.

    “Hi Donna

    I have used Metrogel, Promiseb, Elidel, and many more…I have used antibiotics, anti-inflammatories..etc..some worked, some did not; but what worked the best was Elidel, shiseido extra gentle foam, borghese fluido extraordinario SPF 15 day, and La Mer moisturizing cream at night.

    I found that hot water, hard scrubbing, oils, perfumes, dust, harsh chemicals, sun…etc etc can irritate and trigger the redness, bumps, itching.

    But I also found that what works for me did not necessarily work for someone else…it took a long time and lots of testing before I found the right creams and makeup..ALWAYS get a sample to try before you buy!
    Good luck


  29. Donna says:

    Aileen and Carolina,

    I want to thank you for both of your ideas and the products you have tried. It sounds like I may have to do some experimenting. I like the idea of samples, if I can get them.

    Aileen, thank you for letting me know about the 10% sorbene, I never heard that before. I am thinking I really may have to go to the dermatologist to get a medical opinion about my face. The more you describe your face, sounds like mine is more red by my cheeks and then I get the lumps under the skin, when it flares up, it seems like the lumps will get more of an acne look to them, otherwise they seem to stay like small lumps under the skin. Sounds like you are doing the best you can. I have friends tell me it could be an auto-immune disorder that I have. Never have been tested. I just read about the oral lichen planus, sounds like that is painful, and also said it can be caused by auto immune disorders. We definitely have inflammatory problems. My eyes seem to be doing okay, just had trouble and now they are good, every so often if I put on mascara or eyeliner, I can feel them starting to burn and I end up putting Systane drops back into my eyes…so I really try and stay away from eye make up. Sounds like most of this stuff is auto immune and I am just really looking into that…I appreciate you reaching out to me…I will let you know how things are going.

    Carolina, thank you for letting me know about the products you are using, I am going to look them up and see what I can find out about them. I really do appreciate the feedback from you too! This stuff is so confusing for me. After posting my questions the first time, I realize the forum is from Austrailia, I hope I am correct. So I believe since I am in Chicago, we are about 12 hours behind you. All I know is that I am not always comfortable going outside with my skin looking the way it does, I know I really should not complain, but it seems this is something I will be dealing with the rest of my life. Was not expecting it, but at least I can get help for this and some wonderful feedback. I have found too that I cannot scrub, I used to think this would help, but it just made everything worse

    Does anyone recommend any type of make-up to try on my face to cover up the redness, I know that green will help with red, but are there ingredients that I should stay away from or ones that I need to look for. I heard about titanium and zinc. My products used to be anti-aging and now wonder if I have hurt my skin more.

    Thanks so much!

  30. Theresa says:

    Just wanted to say hi to you Donna and glad you are in touch with this supportive community. Sending best wishes for getting the help you need.

  31. Linda says:

    Donna – for makeup, I’d highly recommend Bare Minerals, also known as Bare Escentuals. They have their own small stores in malls, but they are also carried by Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom and QVC. It is a mineral-based makeup that I’ve used for over ten years and it’s never bothered my rosacea. All of those stores will give you free samples of the different colors.

    All the best…

  32. “Donna

    I live in the US too.
    I have tried Clinique Rocesa line (both makeup and creams), and Eucerin green creams. I was disappointed by both since they caused more itching, redness and stinging.
    I know it is frustrating, but you will find the things that work for you…give it time and be patient.
    As your doctor ruled out Lupus?


  33. Brenda says:

    Just to let you all know Balmex is for nappy rash and if its good for babies it’s good for me. For cleansing I use Epaderm cream 2 in 1 emollient and skin cleanser and that with Balmex morning and night, plus the tablets I mentioned I flare up sometimes but good most of time.

  34. Anita Monroe says:

    Donna & Friends,

    Rosacea is a condition that is unique to each individual. One person’s triggers are not necessarily the ones that affect others. A few things seem to be universal triggers, however, such as drinking alcohol or coping with cold weather.

    When I first had symptoms of this disorder, it did not have a name and physicians tended to blame the condition on “emotional problems”. I did not have emotional problems other than frustration in dealing with this “unknown” skin condition. It can damage one’s social life, causing an avoidance of places where the indoor heat is much too warm and turning down drinks offered by the host.

    When it comes to choosing skin care, it’s an individual matter. I’ve tried many different products, and my reactions are not the same as others. I can’t use Metrogel which makes my condition worse. I can’t use mineral make-up which dries my skin even more than indoor heat does. Indoor heat is my worse problem along with cold outside air. In a perfect world I’d be living in Florida where the air is moist and indoor heat is rarely needed.

    Oral antibiotics do make a difference. They do make you worry about the fact that it not a good idea to take them ALL the time. When I’ve tried to give them up, the Rosacea gets much worse.

    Chaucer thought April was the “cruelest month”. For Rosacea sufferers, the worst month is March with fluctuating warm and cold weather and a perfect storm of allergens in the air. There is no cure in sight, just determination to observe, treat, and endure.

  35. Donna says:


    Thank you so much for your support! I have been reading different comments and it seems like different products work for some people and that I will be experimenting for a while. I am glad I found this support group! Everyone has been very welcoming with great suggestions. Trying not to get overwhelmed with everything and the different products.


  36. Donna says:


    Thanks for the information about Bare Minerals. We do have a Sephora store not to far from the house. I will make sure to ask for samples! I think I have to write this down before I leave the house. samples, samples. I forget about that ! Yes, the minerals would be much better for my skin. I will let you know how that works. I appreciate you letting me know what has worked for you and your skin! I am learning so much very quickly. Just trying to soak up the information. I am trying to keep spending to a minimal until I find the right product that will help.


  37. Donna says:


    I have not even been to a dermatologist, in my first post to the forum, I think I said my eye doctor pointed out to me that he saw the mild rosacea on my cheek area. I went to my primary care doctor and talked to him and was given metrogel, which seemed to make things worse,

    I know now I need to go to the dermatologist, and get some testing done. I have heard of lupus and other auto-immune disorders. I appreciate you bringing that to my attention. My mother has rosacea, but not to bad.

    Our weather is Chicago has been so up and down, my face just looks bad to me, I really don’t even like going out. I guess because of embarrassment or my own self-consciousness about my skin. I have really been an extroverted personality and now I find myself staying inside, which I know doesn’t help me at all. I am not working right now, so I do not have many outside connections. Used to love the outdoors and now I affected by the weather both indoor and outdoor. I really don’t like it!

    Can my primary doctor do the blood test for lupus or auto-immune testing, or do I need a specialist.

    Thanks for any help you can give me. I really appreciate it!

  38. Donna says:


    Thank you for your comments. I don’t really have a nappy rash on the face. I do like the idea of baby products, because of the sensitivity of their skin. I will look into the Epaderm, I usually research the product on the internet first.

    I have been advised by others to get samples, do you know if this company will provide samples?

    I really appreciate everything so many of you have said, and will take time to look into everything that has been suggested! I know my self-esteem has made me not want to go out, and I really miss being out……Would love to get this cleared up as much as possible and find out what the triggers really are. Have been watching how my skin is when I am eating certain foods or drinking beverages.


  39. Donna says:


    I wish I could live in Florida…could happen someday, but not now. Never realized about the indoor heat with the dryness could affect me. That is really making me think how my whole winter has been. I do have allergies and we are starting to fluctuate in temps. I feel like I am now obsessed with trying to find out how to make my skin look better and for me to feel better about my skin. This is so hard for me! I used to have such nice skin, now I don’t even know what to say…

    I am going to make an appt. with a dermatologist. I am on an HMO, so I have to have my primary give me a referral. This usually takes a week to get the referral and then not sure about seeing the dermatologist. I will have a couple of choices for a dermatologist with my HMO, so I need to get the facts about each of them before making an appt.

    You are right about how we are all different, I have many suggestions of what has worked for others, so I have to find out what works for me. I also have allergies to some antibiotics and I am always hesitant to use them, but I will sure talk to a doctor about the pros and cons of it all.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I am trying to hang in there will all of it! And to say endure is probably just the beginning of my path with Rosacea….hope all is well with you.


  40. Linda says:

    Donna – you are so welcome. Bare Minerals changed my life in that I could use makeup without having to worry about it causing breakouts, burning or itching. All I have to worry about are the colors I use. DO NOT BUY the kit that has Warmth in it – it is way to orange for the average person. Basics are the brushes, foundation, mineral veil and a blush. All of the products last as long as a year or more for full sizes – I’ve had some eye shadows for years – they don’t spoil. If you decide that you like it, you can buy them really cheaply on eBay, because sellers buy the huge kits from QVC and sell them an item at a time… ;-p

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