Chinese herbs anyone?

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From:  “Linda Sy MD”
Date:  Mon May 3, 1999  10:34 am
Subject:  [rosacea] Re: Chinese herbs anyone?

From: M Freestone

>In fact, Chinese herbs and acupuncture sort of go hand in hand. Acupuncture aims to rebalance the body’s chi energy and ying and yang (I think), which the herbs also do but via a different mechanism.


I would like to share a thought: It occured to me that one of the most common triggers in Rosaceans, is stress. I believe that doing deep breathing and meditation on a regular basis can only help your skin and vasculature. When we are anxious or nervous, we tend to hold our breath. Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough. Deep breathing relaxes our muscles, helps our circulation in a positive way, gets the “chi” activated and makes us grounded and focused to our bodies. Why not create some quiet time, say 15 minutes at the end of everyday. Go to a quiet place and do some deep, slow breathing. Reflect on your day; connect with your inner being; contemplate on your blessings; say a little prayer and be in touch with your body. Ask your mind and spirit to help your body in your quest for healing. I’m sure that this is not something new to you, but we do need to acquire this good habit and remind ourselves from time to time.

Linda Sy MD
Linda Sy Skin Care

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