childhood stye might lead to adult ocular rosacea

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Interesting preliminary statistical result that children with a style between the ages of 2-17 have a higher chance of developing ocular rosacea in adulthood.

Steve, has posted this comment to rosacea-support, “Seems logical to me. I had a terrible problem with styes and chalazions when I was young, but had perfect skin until I hit 21. After that it was rosacea big time!”, also arteest103 says “This is interesting. I remember having several sties when I was a child.”

Childhood stye and adult rosacea, J Am Acad Dermatol. 2006 Sep 5;55(6):952-956, Authors: Bamford JT, Gessert CE, Renier CM, Jackson MM, Laabs SB, Dahl MV, Rogers RS.

BACKGROUND: Little is known about how individuals with a predisposition for rosacea appear in childhood. This retrospective, matched control, longitudinal study examined the relationship between childhood stye and adult rosacea.

METHODS: The records of the Rochester Epidemiology Project were examined to identify patients who received care for stye or blepharitis between ages 2 and 17 years, and received care for any cause at age 40 years or older. Patients were matched by group to control subjects (1:2).

RESULTS: Patients with stye during childhood (N = 201) had a higher prevalence of adult rosacea than did control subjects (5.5% vs 1.5%, P = .01). Patients who had other childhood eye conditions without stye (N = 504) were not at higher risk.

LIMITATIONS: The study population included few minority patients.

CONCLUSIONS: The association between childhood stye and adult rosacea appears to be significant and should be examined further. Rosacea prevalence in adults may be lower (2.1%) than previously reported.

Abstract: Childhood stye and adult rosacea

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2 Reader Comments

  1. Frances says:

    I had styes as a kid. Mum & others used to offer their wedding rings to rub on them – which didn’t help. Used to get about oozing Golden Eye Ointment (gorgeous!) which didn’t help. I still sometimes get styes, but less severely. I think the red eyes of Ocular Rosacea set in late teens or early 20s (assorted treatments including Cortizone eyedrops from one eye specialist didn’t help, it wasn’t ever diagnosed as Rosacea). “Strange acne” and excessive flushing from mid-late 20s through to now in my mid 40s. Found out about Rosacea about 5-6 years ago (mentioned in aromatherapy facial massage book). Your Rosacea Support Group website is very helpful!!

  2. Hi Frances,

    Thanks for your comment. It looks like you are a classic case covered by this article. All the best in finding more treatments that work for you !


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