Botox for Neural Symptoms and Flushing, User Reviews


Some interesting discussions from both experts and users of botox treatments for rosacea have are emerging online and are worth reviewing.

A quick search on Google shows that several clinics are now offering botox as part of their rosacea treatments.

Better known for it’s cosmetic use, the highly toxic protein known as C. botulinum, Botox shows promise as an adjunctive treatment for rosacea.

Botox blocks the release of acetylcholine, a neural transmitter that is part of the autonomic nervous system.

Expert Comments

The friendly and always helpful Dr. Soldo posted in the Ask a Doctor forum on botox ;

Botox is only an adjunct to many ways to address flushing. Most commonly used are IPL, clonidine in low doses, oracea and topicals such as metrogel etc to name a few. Botox does not reach peak effect for at least 2 weeks and sometimes even longer. If not effective by then, then a larger dose may need to be used. Botox is not foolproof however and is not always totally effective. N. Soldo, MD

User Reviews

Andrew Reid tells us that ;

“as someone who has had botox injections experimentally to try and treat rosacea and rosacea flushing, this is a step forwards. I had a frozen face for 2-3 months and effect on flushing was difficult to gauge. There have been very mixed reports on botox for facial flushing and redness, based on my personal experiences I would not recommend this to others (for the face).”

Bob Bear tells us

“the results were pretty startling. It didn’t help my rosacea flushing at all, but my blushing was gone in the treated areas. No word of a lie! Since then, it seems that several people from the ESFB group have achieved similar results with this treatment.”

Ann replied with

“I too have HAD injections of botox after numerous treatments of IPL. I have found it to be very helpful with the flushing component of rosacea as well as eliminating the symptoms of the heat related facial areas. In conjuction with IPL, I have found botox to have been very helpful in managing my condition.”

Samina tells us

“I have had severe rosacea for 3 years, I was in the 0.1% of people with severe and uncontrollable flushing and intense burning 24/7, i have been house bound, cancelled my wedding, unable to work etc.. I have tried so many meds over a 3 year period to no avail. I had botox done 7 days ago and I am 90% better, occasional fan, no icepacks or chillow (icepack even came with me to the toilet b4 the botox. Its a christmas miracle, I cant quite believe that 3 years for nothing working and then a week after botox 90% better. I am in heaven.”

and followed up with this update

“just a quick update. although i am loads better than i was b4 the botox, i have felt since yesterday that i need to have a fan on low all the time, day and night for comfort. I am not flushing or burning, but just feel the need, weird, cheecks can be slightly pink but again bnothing like i was. I dont know if this being my 12th day since having botox that I have meet the full effects or whether it will continue to improve over the coming weeks…does anyone know?”

WrinkledClue followed up with

“Botox worked very well for me in the early stages of my rosacea. My Dr said it takes a week or two (I think that’s the time frame he said) to fully be effective.

Unfortunately it soon became apparent that the Botox was no match for the heavy flushing of menopause, and so I found that I was swamped by a tidal wave of horrific flushes.

I sure hope your experience is different and that it works well for you for a long time. I’ve read other success stories online about Botox being used to stop flushing successfully.”

glamormon at the Rosacea Forum talks about botox as part of IPL treatments with Dr. Soldo,

“We did Botox this week injected into the skin (dermis I think). A little punch feeling and the needle was in, no big deal (but thenI was slathered in topical).

Tiny little pin point bruises in a couple spots, can’t see them at all under makeup.

We used 20 units all over the flush zone including on the ears. Even the top of nose got 2 units. I’m pretty exicted about the possibilities this offers, and feel really lucky to have such easy access to Dr. Soldo.”

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7 Reader Comments

  1. Diana Carter says:

    I have been diagnosed with rosacea for eight years. I have tried all the standard treatments with varying results. I recently received botox injections for wrinkles and to my amazement my rosacea cleared dramatically within two days. I had no idea that botox injections could help rosacea.

  2. lizz says:

    Can someone recommend a dermatologist in Northern California?

  3. Nancy says:

    I have Botox injected for wrinkles and to give my eyes a little lift but havenot noticed a reduction in blushing. Must it be injected in the cheeks to block the blush?

  4. Ariel says:

    I get botox injections to treat my chronic migraine. I have always suffered facial redness and over heated checks due to rosacea. The injections have greatly reduced the redness in my forehead and jaw where I get them. Unfortunately I do not get injections where the redness is the worst to see if would really help that.

  5. Red Glen says:

    Is there anywhere in Adelaide (or elsewhere in Australia) that anyone knows of that is experienced in treating flushing rosacea with Botox?

  6. Thomas says:

    I tried two times (with different methods) and it doesn’t work for me.

    I have a mild persistent erythema and some facial flushing. I was really enthusiastic about this new approach for facial flushing.

    The first try it was classic botox injections (25 units in each cheek) and I have seen no results.

    The second try (one year later) was based on the method of a pionier dermatologist of Chicago : micro-injections, botox diluted with saline and superficial injections.

    After three months, my impression is that it has no outcomes on my flushs or my blushing.
    At the beginning (the first 15-18 days), I had the feeling that my blushing (not my flushing) had disapeared. I noticed a changement 4 days after the procedure (the product made his full effect) and during 2 or 3 weeks it was like the botox interfere with the blood vessels ability to dilate (like the successful cases said). But after 2 or 3 weeks it’s gone.

    The dermatologist (in Europe) who makes this procedure says that it work very well in half of the cases (of facial flushing), but doesn’t work at all for the other cases.

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