“Blue Zone” inhabitants and acne symptoms


Dan has an interesting post over that acne.org blog. He asks whether the same factors that seem to contribute to longevity in a few cities around the world might also contribute to becoming acne-free as well.

The reference to Blue Zone is from the author Dan Buettner – see his list of books at Amazon.com.

Do people in “Blue Zones” experience less acne? I’d be curious to know.

The things all Blue Zones tend to have in common are:

– Mostly vegetarian plant-based diet
– Lots of beans/legumes

– Family focused
– Socially engaged
– Non-smoking
– Constantly staying physically active as a part of daily life

All of these things could be argued are anti-inflammatory. Certainly a plant-based diet with lots of beans is a good low glycemic option full of antioxidants. And living in a family focused, engaged way can reduce stress, which in turn reduces inflammation. While the jury is still out on whether smoking is a big risk factor in acne, smoking causes vascular injury and we know this can lead to inflammation response in the body. And finally, staying physically active is associated with lower markers of inflammation.

We’re not likely to keep acne at bay by attempting to adopt a Blue Zone diet and lifestyle, but it might help reduce symptoms somewhat and it’s a tasty and fun way to live anyway. On that note, I’m walking to lunch today and I’m ordering tofu and veggies Smile

What are your thoughts ? Has anyone travelled through Sardinia, Okinawa, Icaria, Nicoya or Loma Linda and noticed a lack of rosacea sufferers ?

Do you think it is worthwhile following this sort of diet anyway and just enjoy all of the potential benefits ?

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  1. walker449 says:

    I went on a plant based low fat vegan diet because of rheumatoid arthritis. I know longer have the redness but I do keep breaking out. Not sure what is doing it. I think it also has helped my eyes as well. It has helped my RA and high cholesterol.

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