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Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 06:44:26

Hi Suzanne,

I know that overwhelmed feeling quite well, and have noticed that it’s worse around PMS for me.  I have problems with my nose too, but I was lucky that I found something which helps me early on.  We are told not to use acne topicals on rosacea because they are too strong, and I think this is absolutely true, but I also have found (from personal experience) that the nose thing is a whole different ball game.  If you have the nose swelling, it seems that you need something stronger for your nose.  My derm happened to prescribe benzamycin for me early on because the oiliness, swelling, and pimples on my nose were very distressing to me, and it really does the trick.  (It’s topical gel containing erythromycin antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide in alcohol).  Dr Sy has two acne preparations that are probably better choices.  One is a gel, and the other is a tinted lotion. (I think that David P. uses one of these with great success, and the test group we had loved the gel.)  You can order samples of Dr. Sy’s products, and if your nose is driving you crazy I highly recommend it.  That was the most distressing thing for me and I feel so much better now that it is under control.

My theory about the shivery feeling is that rosacea really is a vascular disease, and that even though in manifests mainly in our faces, the whole vascular system is actually involved.  The things that helped me are drinking a reasonable amount of water daily, moderate exercise (walking), and vitamin supplements (as listed in Prescription for Nutritional Healing).  Let us know if you find something that helps your nose. 


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