Beiersdorf rosacea products feature licorice root derivative

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Some extracts from 2 promotional papers about the recently released Eucerin Redness Relief range of products.

New Advances in the management of red irritated skin.

In addition to topical vitamin C, which I often recommend for its anti-inflammatory properties to treat rosacea associated with a lot of redness, there are currently 3 or 4 other anti-redness products available. The newest ingredient is licochalcone A, found in the Eucerin Redness Relief line (all products in the line contain licochalcone A). The sun protection factor (SPF) day lotion and the spot concealer, in particular, have a green-tinted base to them, which I like. Thus, they have not only an anti-inflammatory component, but also have the added benefit of allowing the patient to immediately cover up the redness. So it’s 1 step, which is very nice. Patients who have facial redness spend a lot of time covering up the redness. With a licochalcone A product, they can medicate and cover at the same time; I think this is brilliant—and one of the advantages of the product.
Another study presented at the AAD meeting involved 62 adults with mild-to-moderate erythematic rosacea and facial redness.4 The skin care regimen tested consisted of a cleanser, day lotion with sunscreen and green pigments, spot concealer with green pigments, and night cream, all formulated with licochalcone A. Clinical grading of the redness was done at baseline and after 4 and 8 weeks of daily usage; quality-of-life questionnaires were also assessed. The pigmented products had very good redness-neutralizing properties and reduced erythema over time. Together, these data showed that the skin care regimen used was compatible with the sensitive facial skin of individuals with rosacea and persistent facial redness.
Chronic sufferers of rosacea are probably going to be the hardest ones to treat. For these patients, we’d recommend testing a new product on the inside of the arm first for 3 or 4 nights. If they have no problems, then they can apply it to a small area behind the jawline for a week before using it on the entire face. If someone has extensive erythematic seborrheic dermatitis, the dermatitis should be treated first before using a product to cover the redness. The same holds true for rosacea. Treat the underlying disease before trying to camouflage it with any of the new products that are available. I would recommend adding the product with licochalcone A to an existing regimen for an extra advantage in managing red, irritated skin. Treating the disease first, then using OTC products would also help in terms of patient compliance.

Dermatology Times E-News, Feb 21, 2005. Beiersdorf Inc. is demonstrating its new Eucerin Redness Relief sensitive skin line with licochalcone A for patients with rosacea.Licochalcone A, a compound derived from the root of licorice plants, has recently been shown to demonstrate antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, according to the company.

The Soothing Cleanser is a soap-free formula that gently cleanses redness-prone skin.

The Daily Perfecting Lotion has an SPF of 15 and provides a light, all-day moisture that subtly conceals red, blotchy skin.

The Tone Perfecting Cream contains green concealing pigments and can be used under makeup.

The Soothing Night Cream is an intensive moisturizer with glycerin and lipids.

Each product is fragrance-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

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