`Aveeno Anti-Itch’ Relieves Dry and Itchy Skin

This study shows that a lotion based on colliodal oatmeal can really help those with dry itchy skin. After just 1 week, patients saw improvement in dryness, roughness, itchiness and scaling. Colloidal Oatmeal is also used in Linda Sy’s Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser and is well liked by many rosacea sufferers. In fact Colloidal Oatmeal is considered a dream ingredient for some rosacea sufferers.

Alleviating itchy, extra dry skin with an oatmeal, skin protectant lotion, Judith Nebus, MBA, Warren Wallo, MS, Ellen Kurtz, PhD, Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide, Skillman, NJ, United States

Maintaining stratum corneum function is important for proper skin hydration and for providing a protective environment against external aggressors. Colloidal oatmeal, humectants, and skin protectants are well-known ingredients used for proper skin care maintenance. These ingredients maintain the stratum corneum in various ways, by acting as occlusive agents, attracting water to the skin, or forming a protective barrier on the skin. Dry skin is more prevalent during the winter months but can persist all year, especially in areas of low humidity. When skin is extremely dry and irritated, there is excessive flaking of corneocytes and microfissures can occur in the stratum corneum, resulting in a high transepidermal water loss rate. At times skin can become so dry and irritated that there is an increase in mast cells and histamine levels causing chronic itch among patients.

A controlled clinical study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a body lotion containing colloidal oatmeal, oat extract, humectants and a skin protectant in alleviating extra dry, itchy skin. Healthy female patients with chronic itch and extra dry skin on their lower legs were enrolled into the 2-week study. Patients applied the lotion to the lower leg area twice a day. Benefits of the lotion were assessed by clinical evaluations, instrumental measures, and self-assessments. Itch intensity was monitored daily through patient diaries.

Clinical evaluations demonstrated significant improvements (P < .05) in dryness, scaling, and skin roughness after only one 1-week use of the oatmeal, skin protectant lotion. In addition, adhesive skin samples showed a significant decrease (P < .05) in fine and coarse flaking. Transepidermal water loss values decreased over time. Most important, patients perceived significant improvements in itch intensity levels after only 1 week of use of the oatmeal, skin protectant lotion. This clinical study clearly demonstrated that this topical preparation containing oatmeal, oat extract, humectants, and a skin protectant was effective in both relieving itch and dry skin while improving stratum corneum function in patients with extra dry, itchy skin. Efficacy was demonstrated by clinical evaluations, instrumental methods, and patient itch diaries. This oatmeal, skin protectant lotion also was effective in restoring moisturization and textural benefits to the skin.

Author disclosure: All authors are employees of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Worldwide. 100% supported by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Worldwide.

Poster Discussion Session P508, American Academy of Dermatology, 64th Annual Meeting, March 3-7 2006, San Francisco.

Supplement to Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, March 2006, Volume 54, Number 3.

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