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Most of the members of the rosacea-support mailing list are based in North America. Thus much of the discussion is about treatments available there. This page aims to collect information about treatments that are available locally in Australia. This may still mean using the internet to order products though.

On this page you will find information about how to find a dermatologist in Australia, how to find a local IPL or photoderm clinic, a few ideas for cleansers and other rosacea topicals.

You Won’t Believe This

Seriously, you won’t believe this, but Australia has the cheapest rosacea treatments in the world!

Photoderm IPL Centres

It is important to find an experienced practitioner when seeking photoderm treatment for Rosacea. I have no information about how experienced these clinics are, so buyer beware: do your research.

The list of IPL machines in Australia has grown and is now on its own page. Last updated 8/7/2005.

Dermatologists in Australia

The Australasian College of Dermatologists has a list of Dermatologists in Australia.

You will need to get a referral from your G.P. to visit a dermatologist.

The College has produced quite a nice introductory page on Rosacea.



A gentle cleanser is the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, (see US link at Galderma for more information) which is available from pharmacists, at around $11 a bar.

Linda Sy

The much loved Tinted ZincO cream is no longer available from Linda Sy, but RosaceaCare is now selling it instead – see Tinted ZincO Cream.


Rosacure is available cheaply in Australia from and

Rosacure is a “a cosmetic product which may be useful for improving the appearance of reddened skin”. The makers only make gentle claims about its effectiveness. It has received an ok review as a moisturiser from group members. The Australian distributors offer a free sample to Australian residents if you email

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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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430 Reader Comments

  1. Maud says:

    Hi, Im not sure if this will be helpful to you but recently I had yellow light laser treatment by a dr who has been doing laser treatment for over 20 years and all she does is laser treatment. She is an absolute expert in laser treatment. She said that IPL is considered to be “the poor man’s laser”. I have the kind of rosacea which is red and dry and flaky. I was initially going to have ipl with a dermatologist but had read about the reactions and problems.

    I had one 35 min yellow light laser treatment which hardly hurt. There was no redness or reaction of any kind and 6 weeks down the track I had a 70% to 80% improvement in my redness. I had been using the rosaceacare facial products for about 2 mths prior to this which almost eliminated the dryness and flaking. Im continuing to use this.

    I hope to have another “touch up” treatment in a few months. I had the laser treatment in Adelaide.

    I hope this helps someone.

    best wishes, Maud.

  2. david says:

    Maud, Jen and Roger,

    I am very grateful for your replies. I red them a few days ago and i took comfort in reading them. Yes, John, I am aware of your previous posts as I read them the other night.

    Maud, i do like the idea you suggested and i might follow up on that in time.

    Anyway, just an update, things have settled quite well and i am back to normal now. It has been just on a week now and i am very relieved. Actually, i am not sure if it is too early, but i woke up this morning and saw an improvement in my redness. My rosacea is very mild and i only had a little bit of redness/pink on the upper parts of my cheeks, but suffered from a little bit of flushing and burning. I am happy to say that i think my skin is looking better than before so i would assume the IPL has worked. Maybe a week is too early to tell, but i think i have seen some improvement. I am really relieved. I suppose we all go through a series of emotions after our first IPL/laser.

    John, you are right about the amount of spas etc that do this form of treatment. I think i was underprepared for IPL and didn’t do the appropriate research on my practitioner. I did get a blister from my treatment which i am treating now. I have read that blisters are often a side effect, but a good practitioner should not blister. My practitioner seemed nice and experienced, but i do have concerns that i have been burnt. Apart from that, as of today, i am happy with the rest of the treatment. Thank god!!!!

    Thanks again for your feedback. Three wonderful posts!!!!!


  3. Craig says:

    Hi Everyone

    I have had the red blotches, rash and skin flakes break out on my face for 6 years now. Nothing would help until I started to treat another issue I had, my Liver. I had a dull pressure and and pain on my lower right chest. After I had an MRI and ultra sound – nothing showed up. The results were all clear, but the pain continued. Thats when I read about the liver and gall bladder getting clogged up with bile and sometimes soft stones. So I tried some experiments. I first tried the liver flush of lemon juice and olive oil. The lemon juice was of great benefit. The olive oil only made me throw up. So I tried cloudy apple juice and lemon juice which dissolves the soft stones and breakes up the thick clogged bile. This worked so well that I can feel the material move down my bile duct. The pressure and pain released as well. But a side effect was the my face cleared up too. No more inflamed skin irritations. I think the clogged liver was dumping waste into the blood then out through the skin. I can only say this worked for me. So I wanted to share it with you as well. Hope this helps.


  4. Shannon says:

    Hi Maud,

    Just wondering where you received the treatment in Adelaide?

    I am interested to give this a try to minimise redness.
    Many thanks

  5. Maud says:

    Dr Sue McCoy,Kent Town. She’s great – been doing it for years. Call soon as I thinks shes trying to move on to other things.

    Let us know how you get on. Good luck. Maud

    • brenda moore says:

      Hi Maud,

      I have recently tried to contact this Dr, but the number was disconnected, any chance you know of another clinic that provides the same service?

  6. Melanie says:

    Hi all,
    this is my first time posting. Just wondering if anyone can reccommend a type of chemical peel or skin treatment vesudes IPL that would help rosacea. I dont experience much redness but i do experience the pimples and eczema like patches on left cheek. Ive only had rosacea for a year and i follow all instructions and regime from dermatologist and feel that its managed but not improved. I take doxy daily and use finacea. Eryacne and metro cream werent helpful. This skin condition is just so distressful.
    Thank you

  7. Comment via email from Matt.

    “Hi everyone.

    I have not commented on this for a while because I haven’t felt like I needed the support like I used to.

    At Christmas I cut out bread from my diet and took way more control and awareness of my diet. It’s had a huge difference on my rosacea symptoms.

    I used to get really itchy and feel sweaty, clammy and tight across my face with the usual redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea.

    I am not strict Paleo, low carb diet, but I have taken huge lessons from Paleo style eating routines. Basically, instead of a bacon sandwich ill have bacon with eggs, no bread. I’m eating much more fish, grass fed meats, hardly any processed foods and lots of veggies. It’s a common sense diet really.

    I spent years trying creams and special soaps etc etc, I’ve tried pretty much all the antibiotics recommended but by eating healthfully and taking responsibility rather than hoping for a quick fix – I’ve noticed a huge change. I’ve lost 6 kgs as well and feel much more confident.

    Sorry to harp on but it’s really helped me and I’ve actually learnt to cook properly as well 🙂

    Check out Paleo diet – worth a shot right ?”

    • Melissa Findlay says:

      Hi David
      Thanks for initiating this blog.
      My rosacea journey began years ago, fortunately in a mild way. This year ocular rosacea with meiobiam gland dysfunction has manifested and I am currently on tetracycline treatment. I am a health freak and in the last six years have become a gym addict for weight control and general well being. This year the ontense gym sessions aggravated the ocular rosacea, so am modifying the gym sessions.
      I have heard heard avoiding sugar and wheat in all its forms, is one way of managing symptoms. I recently found a book Rosacea Diet by Brady Barrows (2002). It’s very similar to the paleo diet.
      Results from my tetracycline treatment are yet to be revealed, but I have learned it can take months. Am wondering if others are able to control rosacea purely through diet?

  8. Jo says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this site. I just wanted to tell you all about a skincare range that another rosacea sufferer told me about. It is called Zenmed and is from the US.
    I have been using it for about 1 week now and can see great results.

    My problem is makeup. I work in the fashion industry and therefore have to look well groomed at all times. (this is very hard to do when you look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer wearing a tomato suite, with pimples and dry skin!!) Pimples what the? Being discreet, I have had a few 21sts if you get my meaning. I didn’t even have pimples as a teenager!

    Anyway to cut a long story short, after 4 days of using Zenmed and not wearing makeup to work there was a definite improvement( all whilst putting up with the “What happened to you” and the “look at your face” comments, to which I had to bite my tongue and be polite, as I am a lady and only do lady things (Secret reference to Little Britain there 🙂 ) I was told …drumroll…. the CEO of the company was coming to my store!!! OMG panic station. Off to the chemist for foundation, the most natural one I could find. After only one day , yep ONE DAY wearing foundation, Rudolph was back in all his finery with pimples in tow.

    Help, anyone !! I have tried Nude by nature, Youngblood minerals, Clinique anti redness, Natio and the usual Max Factor, Revlon etc. Most of which also make my skin itch. (I don’t know if it has any relevance, but I can also not use hairspray, hair gel etc as they make my scalp itchy)

    My Dr gave me Rozex cream which really for me did zippo, nought, nothing. I have a healthy diet, don’t really eat bread, very little processed food, am not a chocoholic but will admit to the love of a good white wine.

    Sorry, I digress. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Rosacea is not much fun and Red is really not my colour!!

    Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

    • Sylvia says:

      Try using a Laura Mercier Mineral Powder I have found the range of colours great and the powder gives a natural coverage and doesn’t seem to inflame my rosacea

    • Susan B says:

      I have used Dr Hauschka cleanser, moisturiser and foundation for years, sice doing so I have had no more flare ups..I had terrible rosacea, ocular rosacea and ulcers in my eyes as a result…

  9. Vanessa says:

    Hi Jo
    I have a similar problem as you with hair products and a slightly different problem with foundation. However, the Loreal Lumi Magique foundation seems to work for me. Perhaps because it is so light in its coverage????

    Good luck!

  10. Carol says:

    Hi Jo,

    I’m also new to this forum but I came on today to see if anyone had tried Rosacea Care products (from the US)? I ordered one of their sample kits and it arrived 2 days ago, and I’m not sure yet how it’s going to be long term, but it certainly doesn’t give me any burning or itching and their cleanser also seems to help my blepharitis (or occular rosacea, not sure which I have now), but in answer to your query re makeup Jo, Rosacea Care has a tinted suncreen AND a mineral powder, both actually intended for rosacea sufferers.

    I haven’t ordered any of their full size products, and the samples are of a sufficient size to get a good idea of what helps, but they do include a brochure of their products and they are very helpful if you email them.

    I was thinking I might order both of those when I order some of their regular sized products. Has anyone else here used Rosacea Care products? I can’t find ANY reviews by Australians.

    David, Matt – I haven’t tried the paleo diet but a friend of mine and her hubby live on it and she has the best skin of anyone I know and she’s almost 70!!!! I keep promising myself I’ll try it, but…….. weak as dishwater about my bread I am.
    Cheers everyone.

  11. Carol says:

    Hi again,

    Further to my last, I have an appointment with a laser clinic in Hobart next Thursday so I will stay away from IPL after comments on this, but my doctor treated my broken capillaries with laser about 10 years ago when my rosacea was only at that stage and I haven’t ever had a return of it. Now my rosacea has spread to forehead and chin with papules, or pimples and redness, I’m going back to her to see if she can do anything. Plus of course I flush badly so often and a while ago I had a glass of red and feel the usual burning so had a look in the mirror and I’m nowhere near as red as it feels I should be. I am currently using 4 of the 5 products Rosacea Care sent me and tonight will cleanse it off with their cleanser and then add the 5th product (a night cream). If the creams continue to help I might even cancel the appointment, (and then I can afford to buy lots of the products) but it’s all trial and error with this condition as we know.

    I’ve suffered for over 10 years on and off (worse in winter) and it seems to change from one form to another. Might have to seriously consider giving up bread boo hoo. The boys are stronger than me over this obviously. 🙁


  12. Hank says:

    Hi all
    I’ve been suffering from Rosacea now for about 5 years and like the rest of you I think I’ve tried everything. I suffer from the pustule variety.
    However lately I’ve mixed zinc cream with a small dab of Nurofen Gel which according to its ingredients is an anti inflammatory.
    What I’ve found is that it doesn’t cure the pustules but it seems to stop flareups and it seems to keep my skin in a good condition.
    Even when bumps appear at night I find that they’ve gone by the morning.
    I apply this in the morning before I go out and after washing my face at night I will also apply a thin film before I go to bed.
    By all means give it a try and by all means just use a small dab of the gel and let the rest of us know how you went.
    I hope this helps others.

  13. Shannon says:

    Hey guys,

    Just a heads up, I recently asked my dr for a prescription of Clonidine. Only been using it for a few days, but has significantly reduced the flushing within an hour of the first tablet. Even tempted fate with some typical triggers and huge improvement.

    Not saying it’s a miracle, but early indications show some promising signs so far.

    Good luck everyone!

  14. Ang V says:

    Hi all

    Can’t tell you how much this forum has meant to me these last 3 years. The knowledge that we’re not alone is fantastic. A few weeks ago I encouraged a fellow Rosacea sufferer to seek out some professional advice and her self esteem since has been amazing. Before I knew about Rosacea I hated looking in the mirror, now I don’t even notice.

    Regardless of the medications, make up, creams and diets, the value of this forum is knowing there are others who have suffered through the pain, the itchy skin, skin feeling like its moving, pimples, postules, rashes, redness, dryness, oilyness, flushes, skin hardening, anxiety, depression, loneliness, insults and misunderstandings.

    If I could stop Helen from work telling me I need to stop getting sunburnt, I would be happy. She just doesn’t get it and neither do countless others who are constantly bringing our red skin up in conversation.

    Keep up the stories, tell us when you’re feeling down. We’re here for each other and collectively, we’ve been through many of the same symptoms.

    Writing this I have clear skin currently, but I have itchy cheeks, but I know it’s ok. Because I’m not the only one.

    I’m on meds, but I’m not going to embellish, our skin is different so we will all suffer in a different way. I hope you find what is right for you….

    Best wishes to you all

    Ang V

  15. Donna says:

    Hi Ang,

    I know exactly what you mean about others bringing up the ‘red skin conversation’ I have only recently been diagnosed with Rosacea. After having a red rash on my face for almost 12 months a massive flare up that could no longer be covered with make up forced me to visit my GP to be told it is Rosacea. I have managed to calm it down so that it is no longer looking ‘angry’ or feeling uncomfortable, until some lovely person reminds me of it by pointing it out to me. What is it with people that they feel the need to point these things out to people, maybe we should return their concern with some of our own and point out some of their flaws…their weight perhaps lol.

    On another topic, what a confusing thing is this Rosacea! No definite cause, no definitive, one size fits all cure, such a guessing game trying to find out trigger points. In the last 3 days, I have been exposed to severe cold weather (had to go to Canberra for work and temp was 1-2 deg) stood out in the sun, (ran into a friend when I ducked out quickly not wearing a hat) and orange juice (felt a sore throat coming on so juiced some oranges.) My face has definitely flared up a little over the last few days but cant identify exactly which one of these triggers were to blame- probably a bit if each I think.

    Can I ask something of people who may have a little more experience of this? Can anyone recommend a decently priced suncream? Something that can either be worn alone or under makeup on work days? I have to go outside or in the car a lot and I can definitely feel my face heating up in the sun. I know we are all different but there are a few around and can be an expensive exercise trying to find a good one.


  16. Carol says:

    Hi Donna,

    Best sunscreen I’ve found is a New Zealand product with manuka honey, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. It feels slightly sticky but that doesn’t worry me because the thing I like about it is that it doesn’t make my rosacea areas itch, burn or feel dry.

    The brand is Apicare and I bought it at a health shop.


  17. Donna says:

    Thanks carol, will have a look for that one. How does it go under makeup if it is a bit sticky?


  18. Carol says:

    I must admit I don’t use makeup with it Donna. I imagine it would be a little bit tacky unless you wear mineral powder or something and even then, not sure. I find it “whitens” my skin a fair bit and I just hate how makeup clogs my pores and sensitive rosacea skin.

    It’s not too expensive to have a go, and your health shop might even have some “tester” for you to try before you buy?

    Good luck.

  19. Maud says:

    Hi Donna,
    You might like to look at this website for sunscreeen. They have sunscreen which is one of their most popular products. I use their daycreme, stromium calming lotion and facewash and since I started my rosacea has been less red and there is very little dryness. (I have the red and dry flaky type of rosacea.) I havent tried the sunscreen though but the postage is only $10 and I have bought from them about four times now with no problems.
    Good luck. I know how difficult comments can be. I remember getting, “Have you been skiing and got sunburnt”.


  20. Carol says:

    Hi Maud,

    I too have used the products by Rosacea Care – sent for their sample range, but unlike you, I found them far too drying. Glad they worked for you though. Did you wear make up with them and if so what kind? I’m still looking for a good “cover up”.

    My rosacea consists of both redness, burning and papules. I’ve had one session of laser and was very impressed with the results.

    Although the products don’t actually lessen my rosacea, I’ve found a beautiful skincare range from New Zealand (I surf the net constantly looking for products for my sensitive rosacea skin) called Moana – they sent me samples as well and I ended up buying one of their products which is just lovely on my skin and counteracted the dryness from the Rosacea Care products. I would be interested to see if the sunscreen from RC was better than the one I use which as I mentioned before can feel a tiny bit “tacky”.

    I’m going back for more laser in September (I was unaware until I went but Medicare allow 6 sessions on Rosacea a year so that was a nice surprise – I actually only ended up paying $88 for a $215 appointment.

    Rosacea is an embarrassing condition and over the years mine has changed in its complexity so I am constantly on the hunt.

    All the best,

  21. Maud says:

    Hi Carol.

    I use Clinique Supermoisture Makeup in the palest shade -02 Linen – and I find it really good for coverage and very moisturising without being too thick. And it doesnt clog my pores. You might like to try a sample of it. The other one you might look at is Laura Mercier brand but I dont know exactly which one. Someone told me about it and their skin looked great with it on and there was good coverage.


  22. Carol says:

    Hi Maud,

    Thanks for the information re Clinique or Laura Mercier. I’ll have to check them out – are they mineral? I used to use Lancome in Porcelaine colour and it was ok but a bit shiny over my moisturisers. I used Lancome products until my Rosacea became a bit affected by them but now I’ve found the Moana range I think I’ll stick with that but they don’t “do” a foundation or concealer etc.

    Thanks again.

  23. MT says:

    Im a male sufferer of about 5 years, and about August each year I get massive Pustules on my face, they are ghastly, i have tried almost everything. If I could get rid of these, I would be happy with the redness, as its nothing compared to these. I dont even want to leave the house, Has anyone found anything to soothe these things.


    • Kaps says:

      Hi MT

      I have tried finacea which is available over the counter. It has helped me a lot. I get them every now and then but not always.

      All the best

    • Sharon says:

      I never had large pustules but I often had pimple like pustules on my chin and cheeks. I cut sugar out of my diet and I no longer have these. If I eat chocolate I usually have a spot or two appear by the next morning. I have found cutting out sugar has also reduced the redness. I am happy to help with food ideas to swap out sugar if this is something you don’t do already. There is also another product that may help called Three-Lac.

  24. Rob says:

    Just thought I’d pass this on to all concerned. I’ve had a problem with pustules and like the rest of you have probably tried everything. Then I tried using Nurofen Gel which is an anti-inflamatory and guess what, I haven’t had an outbreak in 6 weeks. It’s not supposed to be used for Rosacea, but what the heck. Desperate people do desperate things.
    I rub a small amount on my face in the morning and follow up with some zinc cream for the sun and then I apply a small amount before I go to bed at night.
    It’s cheap and easily available. I’m not sure if it will work for any other kinds of Rosacea though.
    You’ve got nothing to lose so please give it a try. It’s worked wonders for me.

  25. Anne says:

    Check out Invisible Zinc UV Silk Foundation. It comes in a wind up tube a bit like a really fat lipstick. It gives me sun protection, additional moisturiser – I still use a moisturiser first and good red cheek cover. Only costs about $30 in Australia and mine lasts me for months,

  26. Jack says:


    We were asked by a dermatologist to source Brimonidine gel (Mirvaso) for his patient, who consequently directed us to this site. While Mirvaso itself has not been approved for general sale here in Australia, we are able to supply compounded brimonidine gel to patients on a case by case basis. Similarly, for those searching for other novel topical rosacea treatments like sodium sulfacetamide or metronidazole gel, we are able to supply such products here in Australia on a doctor’s prescription.

    If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Australian Pharmacy Compounding (02) 9793 1161.

  27. MT says:

    Hey guys, just thought id let u know, after by far and away the biggest breakup of my rosacea life. 5 0r 6 puss filled pastules about 1cm in circumference covered my forehead, I couldnt even leave the house they were that embarrassing. I have been to see a specialist and was told I have Candida, a stomach infection that basically means the bad bacteria takes over your insides leaving the immune system down, which leads to all the toxins coming through the skin. I hope this is correct as my face is the only part of my body effected. At least now I have some hope to rectify this problem. For two weeks im going no sugar, dairy, alcohol, wheat. Doesnt leave much to eat, but its worth a try. I feel everyone pain here

  28. Geoff says:

    Desperate for help after disastrous IPL last year – NEED A DERM

    Hi all, I am really desperate for some help in regard to finding the best possible dermatologist. I am in Brisbane but am willing to travel anywhere in Australia if it means i get the best treatment.

    I had a disaster of an IPL session (my first and last) last year after a practitioner talked me into getting it done. The result is my skin has gone from very very very mild rosacea which was unnoticeable to red inflamed skin which i am pretty sure is “laser burn”. I also received a cigarette looking burn next to my nose, so as you can imagine, I am in all sorts atm.

    Life has been a real struggle since my IPL session. I’ve been to two derms who basically admitted they know little about IPL, which really disappointed me. One of the derms said, “so what do you expect from me?”.

    Has anyone else experienced much worsening of their rosacea after IPL? Have you had any success with overcoming it? Some have recommended VBeam, but I am so so reluctant to put myself through this again, but to be honest, i am pretty much willing to try anything to at least get me close to where I was pre IPL. Oh, by the way, it has been 15 months since this horrible experience.

    I made the terrible mistake of letting someone coerce me into IPL and I made the mistake of trusting her and believing what she said in that IPL was totally safe while scoffing at any fears I expressed to her. I am shattered beyond belief and my life has spiraled since then.

    I would appreciate any feedback or assistance.



  29. Irene McDonald says:

    Hi Geoff,

    What an awful experience for you. I have commented on IPLL before on this forum and can only speak in highest praise but yes, you need a very experienced operator.

    Dr John Glascott of Jasmin Clinic in Byron Bay has been doing this for 30 years and is excellent. He is only there 2 weeks each month these days but he knows his stuff.

    You will also receive a generous rebate through Medicare (not health fund). I’ve had many treatments for severe spider veins and redness of the face. The problem is resolved and I go back once a year to tackle any new small veins.

    Best of luck


  30. Bea says:

    Jojoba Oil helped me beat Rosacea.
    I thought I had sensitive skin. But the redness, swelling and itching around the nose, cheeks and especially around my eyes got really bad. The skin on my eyelids was painfully cracked; the rest was just pimply and irritated. Moisturizers, make-up and even water burned my skin, and I felt that everyone stared at me… 🙁
    Two GPs and a dermatologist diagnosed me with Rosacea about 8 years ago. I was put on oral anti-biotics for life and given Rosex cream. I had severe adverse reactions to two anti-biotics and after trying a third one for a while I thought, “this isn’t good, what if I need anti-biotics for something more serious”. Rosex cream could not be applied around the eyes, so I ended up with the more expensive (but effective) Elidel cream.
    Through research (Dr Google… yeah, I know…) I found jojoba oil to be the closest to the natural skin pH. I stopped using all other skin care products/make-up (as well as the anti-biotics). Warm water, a thin layer of jojoba oil for the whole face and half an hour later Elidel cream on the affected areas. It took a while, but what a difference. Once the skin improved I slowly introduced make-up (could no longer tolerate department store products, ended up trying lots of different brands, now I use cheap supermarket brands which my skin tolerates fine). Only drawback with any oil is that make-up doesn’t sit well and end up on your fingers, keyboard, light switches…).
    When it flared up again the following autumn, I only needed a couple of weeks with Elidel and the redness and soreness disappeared. After the third year I did no longer need Elidel, after 4 years of only using jojoba oil as a moisturizer, I swapped to a basic moisturizer (Simple) and I have not looked back. If I feel any irritation come back, I get a prescription of Elidel, but have not needed it for a couple of years now. It all seems to have disappeared.
    Jojoba oil costs around $14/bottle at health stores/chemists and is a natural approach. Who said Rosacea can’t be cured… Yes,it took a few years to beat this and it may not work for everyone… but it’s worth a try !!!

    • Bea says:

      I forgot to mention: Avoid extended sun exposure when using jojoba oil. It fries the skin. But I guess, most Rosacea sufferers avoid the sun anyway.

  31. jsaf43 says:

    Thank you for the advice Bea. Do you mind if I ask which brand you use and which outlets carry it?

    • Bea says:

      I bought the brands that were available at my local chemists (more affordable that what is offered online). All chemists stock the oil – I don’t like to endorse any brands, but a quick look online showed Priceline as a stockist of what I used).

      Make sure it is PURE jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis seed fixed oil – which is actually a liquid wax). Some manufacturer add fragrance or mix oils (jojoba oil smells of “just oil”), but with Rosacea we don’t want any additives which could cause further irritations.
      I still have a bottle of “Oil Garden Aromatherapy” at home, but I used 3 different brands, depending where I shopped. Each of them worked as well as the others.
      (Rosehip oil is similar to jojoba oil, with a better natural fragrance. I used rosehip oil towards the end (when all the irritation was gone!!), as I preferred its sweet smell. I liked the “Trilogy” brand rosehip oil.)

      My recommendation is to try any brand of pure jojoba oil that your chemist stocks.

      Wet hands & face (don’t dry), add ~3 drops of jojoba oil on hands and gently apply to face (this way it is slightly diluted). Then just gently dab excess liquid off the face and let dry naturally (morning and evening).
      On bad days, I applied jojoba oil undiluted to the most tender areas on the face – but I think recommendation is to use it diluted as described above, otherwise you and up really shiny.
      Care must be taken around the eyes. After applying it around eyes I gently dabbed it off with a soft tissue. When the oil gets into the eyes it causes slightly blurred vision for a while (but doesn’t hurt).

      I hope this info helps and that it will also work for you.

  32. Chrissy says:

    firstly.. uumm… your Lindasy link above takes you to a porn site. 🙁 ok.. i have recently discovered I have developed Rosecea after thinking it was a bit of sunburn during the 2013 summer – I have the flushing/redness, capillaries on the my right cheek only (figures as Im a driver) and raised pimple like lumps and also raised skin on the apples of my cheeks (not like pimples and my skin has become sensative to most things – more sensative on the right side of my face than the left.. I’m dubious about going to the dr’s and spending a shitload of money on precriptions that don’t work (I have been doing alot of research online about this as well as talking to other rosecea sufferer’s) .. I decided to purchase ZenMed two weeks ago and have been pretty happy with the results so far and hope it will improve moreso as I use these produces. I have thought about trying the laser therapy but due to the cost, will wait til I see how much improvement happens over the next few months and before I worry about using the Laser therapy.

    What I would love to find is a sunscreen where my skin doesn’t react to it, is not thick and white and I look like death warmed up (pale white everywhere else other than the worst of rosecea still showing thru) – a nice light weight and possibly flesh tinted sunscreen for Rosecea would be fantastic. I’ve done some research in this area but not all that happy with the sunscreens i’ve tried so far.

  33. Simon says:

    This may help you.

    I was diagnosed with mild rosacea when I 17 and used doxycycline and rozex gel. It never really worked.

    Now I’m 23 and the redness and inflammation came back to my cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, scalp and neck. I tried these medications again which was prescribed by my GP and it made things extremely worse. My symptoms became so bad it was unbelievably itchy and the inflammation and redness was so bad I had to put makeup over it and I’m a guy.

    I went and saw another dermatologist and he diagnosed at the time I had seborrheic dermatitis. He prescribed sigmacort hydrocortisone for my face and nizoral 2% hair shampoo. I’ve been using the sigmacort now for about 4 months which keeps the symptoms on my face manageable. This is only supposed to be used for a week then followed up by nizoral face cream which is a preventer. The nizoral doesn’t work so I just stick to the sigmacort all the time. In summer my symptoms are usually better so I will try reduce the amount used.

    My rosacea hasn’t came back and what I have read online is that treatment of seborrheic dermatitis can reduce rosacea flare-ups. So if nothings working for you maybe an option is to see another dermatologist and ask about seborrheic dermatitis.

    Good luck.

  34. Anna says:

    Thanks Maud. I’ve stumbled across your post and I go to Sue McCoy for other treatments. I’ll definitely be talking to her about the yellow light laser.

  35. Paula says:

    So good to find this forum, I am in year four of pustules and pimples, i will try the nurofen gel tomorrow to see id that calms things down. Have been using Finacea but no great improvement…but will definately save this link to see what the rest of you are doing……

  36. koko says:

    Hi every body,

    I have been diagnosed with Rosacea recently and found that through emailing this address , Australian residents can get a free sample of rosacure. but email fail once I send it.
    Does anyone have idea about that please?

    Also I wander to know that having damaged wrinkle line and brownish spots on my face are related to rosacea ? surprisingly my gp asked my to read about it myself rather he discuss it with me but can’t find a similar picture of my condition on internet .

    I appreciate any suggestion.


  37. Jim says:

    Hi All,

    I was diagnosed with rosacea about 8 years ago and after trying many different methods including creams and restricting foods etc nothing worked. So i started researching a lot, reading many books and i finally found the reason behind it for me.

    It related to food intolerances.
    We all have intolerances, some from heredity, some because we’ve had too much of a particular food all our lives, like wheat. So i got a big blood test which tested over 200 food intolerances and it came up with about a dozen intolerances, some more aggressive than others.
    Then it was a matter of removing those foods for a period of time, then reintroducing them slowly but in smaller quantities. Now i have full control over my rosacea and importantly i know the triggers that aggrevate my skin.

    So please don’t take any creams, or god forbid, laser surgery.


  38. Alissa says:

    Ungex Pty Ltd are based in Melbourne and offer Consultation and treatment for Demodex mites. Im using products now and I can really feel the difference…. i think they said they ship internationally as well

  39. brenda moore says:

    Hi Everyone

    I suffer from blushing, have had the ETS surgery with moderate success and ongoing laser treat to assist. I have heard that Botox can also really help with reducing the flush/blush. Does anyone know of a medical provider that does this treatment in South Australia?


  40. Jenny Griffiths says:

    My comment might be a bit wordy but I would like to share my Rosacea journey. I have suffered from this hideous condition since I was a teenager. I am now 64. I have never shared my story with anyone else as no-one could possibly understand. I have met people over the years (even doctors) who say that they suffer from Rosacea. All I can say is that I wish that I could swap and have their form of Rosacea as it looks nothing like mine!
    I was the child with the “rosy cheeks “who blushed easily. Even then I hated people commenting on it.
    My father definitely suffered from the condition (though it never had a name- just ” high colouring” or a “florid complexion”) so I feel that there is definitely a genetic component.
    When I reached puberty it really flared up. That is when my cheeks would burn for days on end with no relief. That is when the broken capillaries appeared and stayed. It was so embarrassing and it helped shape my personality- I became very withdrawn, shy and avoided social contact.
    I know that for me there is also a hormonal component. Puberty as I said exacerbated my Rosacea but when I went on the contraceptive pill at about 20 it settled quite dramatically. I still had redness and flushed easily but the constant burning and pustules eased considerably.
    Makeup over the years has been a nightmare. I have spent a fortune on useless products. I also found that if I had makeup on and my cheeks began to burn then the makeup would go streaky from the heat in my face! Not a good look!
    Other triggers for me are what most Rosacea sufferers already know – hot drinks, spicy food, going from cold outside to to hot overheated buildings (a constant problem for me as I live in Melbourne), glare through windows,glare from computer screens. I was a teacher for many years so I had students comment on my redness. Colleagues would constantly comment on it and I apparently had to find their remarks funny- it never occurred to them how hurtful or insensitive they were being. Anxiety, diet and lack of sleep all contribute. It is said that dairy products can exacerbate Rosacea but then I have osteoporosis so I need the dairy products!
    My worst trigger by far has been menopause (sorry male Rosacea sufferers- this will be boring to you) Hot flushes and more hormonal changes sent my Rosacea spiralling out of control. My cheeks went back to constant burning and SO red. I despaired and went in search of a dermatologist who understood the condition. I found a great skin clinic with wonderful dermatologists and skin therapists- it’s a very individual choice but I feel happy with them. For the past 10 years I have been guided by their expert knowledge and advice. I have had many IPL treatments and now I have VBeam treatments every couple of months. It’s not cheap (particularly now that I am retired) but it has really helped. They have also been able to advise me on skin care products. My skin likes Cetaphil moisturiser and La Roche-Posay BB melt in cream which has a 50 plus sunscreen. They also use Rationale products.
    In saying that I have just had a bad flare up of Rosacea- one of the worst I have had in years. My skin is back to burning constantly, pustules and terrible itching- something I have not experienced before. I don’t find Rosex very helpful but the dermatologist has put me on Soolantrin cream and antibiotics (doxycycline). I feel so frustrated and depressed about this latest flare up as my Rosacea has been under control in recent years. I have to accept that this is the “nature of the beast ” Rosacea is a horrible affliction to have to live with. I will just have to be guided by my dermatologist and the skin therapists.
    It is comforting to know that there are forums like this and to hear the stories of other Rosacea sufferers

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