Rosacea in Australia

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Rosacea in Australia

Most of the members of the rosacea-support mailing list are based in North America. Thus much of the discussion is about treatments available there. This page aims to collect information about treatments that are available locally in Australia. This may still mean using the internet to order products though.

On this page you will find information about how to find a dermatologist in Australia, how to find a local IPL or photoderm clinic, a few ideas for cleansers and other rosacea topicals.

You Won’t Believe This

Seriously, you won’t believe this, but Australia has the cheapest rosacea treatments in the world!

Photoderm IPL Centres

It is important to find an experienced practitioner when seeking photoderm treatment for Rosacea. I have no information about how experienced these clinics are, so buyer beware: do your research.

The list of IPL machines in Australia has grown and is now on its own page. Last updated 8/7/2005.

Dermatologists in Australia

The Australasian College of Dermatologists has a list of Dermatologists in Australia.

You will need to get a referal from your G.P. to visit a dermatologist.

The College has produced quite a nice introductory pamphlet on Rosacea (also available as a pdf file).



A gentle cleanser is the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, (see US link at Galderma for more information) which is available from pharmacists, at around $11 a bar.

Linda Sy

The much loved Tinted ZincO cream is no longer available from Linda Sy, but RosaceaCare is now selling it instead – see Tinted ZincO Cream.


Rosacure is available cheaply in Australia from and

Rosacure is a “a cosmetic product which may be useful for improving the appearance of reddened skin”. The makers only make gentle claims about its effectiveness. It has received an ok review as a moisturiser from group members. The Australian distributors offer a free sample to Australian residents if you email

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jenny. I am sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time with rosacea. Like you, the onset of menopause kicked my rosacea into overdrive. I have had good results with trigger avoidance, laser and rosacea specific skincare products. I note that you live in Melbourne and wonder if you have tried the products from Melbourne Dermatology Rosacea Treatment Clinic. The non-prescription products are available online without the need to be a patient of the clinic. I believe these products have played a major role in the treatment of my rosacea. As I am not resident in Melbourne I have not had the opportunity to visit the clinic, but have found them to be very helpful with regard to the best way to use their products for your particular skincare needs. The only downside is the cost! With respect to laser treatment I have had limited results from vbeam but very good results from Laser Genesis, although it does seem that in order to retain the benefits regular treatments are necessary. I now have a maintenance treatment every three months. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that better skin is coming your way.

    • Jenny Griffiths says:

      Thank you Jennifer for sharing this information. No I haven’t been to the Melbourne Dermatology Rosacea Treatment Centre ( I have actually moved and live about 100kms out of Melbourne now) but I have heard other good reports about their products so I might find out more. I ended up having a photo sensitivity reaction to the Doxycycline so I am now on Akamin tablets which seem to help. My dermatologist also has now put me on DalacinT lotion and Tacrolimus cream, and both have helped my skin to settle. I was interested to read of your preference of Laser Genesis over VBeam. Thank you again for sharing what has worked for you

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