Rosacea Topicals

Along with systemic treatments, topicals have long been the mainstay of gaining relief from rosacea symptoms. Best known rosacea topicals include Metrogel and Finacea. Other topicals such as sunscreens and cleansers and moisturizers are also an important part of a rosacea armament.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

Redless Specific Serum from Integral Dermo Correction

A just published paper alludes to a new redness reducing cosmeceutical. The product is referred to as 100RXED2025, but it looks likely that the actual product name is the multi syllabic mouthful “Integral Dermo Correction Redless Anti-Redness Facial Serum”. In other publicity it is also called Redless Specific Serum. The product claims to be comprised […]

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Sulphur Still a Classic Treatment for Rosacea (2012 AAD San Diego)

  The following Poster Session from the 2012 AAD meeting in San Diego aimed to raise the profile of the use of sulphur as a treatment in rosacea. Did you know that Sulfur was first proposed as a treatment for rosacea in 1855 ! I wasn’t aware that sulphur was able to kill demodex mites, […]

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At the recent AAD 2012 Annual Meeting in San Diego, a poster session sponsored by L’Oreal looked quite interesting. The session detailed some research on an un-named facial lotion. The research claimed a statistically significant improvement in redness after 4 weeks of use. No searching could find a product from L’Oreal that contained the following […]

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Foamix Minocycline Foam works for Bacterial Infections

A recent press release teases rosacea sufferers that a topical foaming form of minocycline might become a new treatment. The trial results promoted in the press release are for a condition called Impetigo, a bacterial skin infection. Minocycline, as a member of the tetracycline family may offer some anti-inflammatory benefit to rosacea sufferers, but the […]

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Ziana Almost Works for Rosacea

In January 2009 we learnt that Medicis was interested in trialing Ziana as a treatment for rosacea. Medicis may be known to rosacea sufferers because they also make Plexion and Solodyn. Sadly the rigorous nature of a clinical trial was not able to show that Ziana could reduce the papules and pustules of rosacea any […]

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