Rosacea Topicals

Along with systemic treatments, topicals have long been the mainstay of gaining relief from rosacea symptoms. Best known rosacea topicals include Metrogel and Finacea. Other topicals such as sunscreens and cleansers and moisturizers are also an important part of a rosacea armament.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

The internet Press Release sites are full of an announcement from Senetek about a product called Pyratine 6 and its possible use in treating rosacea. The announcement is based on a comparison of Pyratine 6 with another of Senetek’s products – Kinetin. According to their results, Pyratine 6 (or PRK 124) shows higher scores, compared […]

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As we are seeing topical products that promote caffeine or caffeine extracts, it is interesting to consider if and how there are any possible benefits for rosacea sufferers. Here are some published articles detailing possible benefits of topical caffeine ; Evaluation of the efficacy of topical caffeine in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. J Dermatolog […]

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Topix Replenix CF (green tea + caffeine) User Reviews

You can easily find scientific sounding claims about Topix Replenix CF. How well does it work in practice though ? There are some preliminary research results available that suggest that green tea is useful in treating the papules and pustules of rosacea. Here are some of the buzz word rich claims that accompany Topix Replenix […]

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Arubix S Anti-Redness Cream Reviews and Research

Previous items on the Arubix Anti-Redness products only referenced the abstract of a study trialling the main active ingredient: Chrysanthellum Indicum. Sicobel, who previously manufactured Arubix have published the full text of the journal article: Randomized placebo-controlled trial of a flavonoid-rich plant extract-based cream in the treatment of rosacea (PDF). The Chrysanthelleum indicum contained in […]

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Metrogel, Metrolotion, Metrocream, Noritate, once or twice per day – all the same same !!

Despite quite a lot of activity in the marketing and development of the metronidazole based rosacea treatments (lotion, cream, gel, generic equivalents, metrogel 1%, once per day, twice per day) this research suggests that the formulation and treatment frequency make little difference to the treatment outcome. So if you can tolerate one of the available […]

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