Rosacea Topicals

Along with systemic treatments, topicals have long been the mainstay of gaining relief from rosacea symptoms. Best known rosacea topicals include Metrogel and Finacea. Other topicals such as sunscreens and cleansers and moisturizers are also an important part of a rosacea armament.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

Vitamins A,C, E & B3 are found naturally in the skin and have been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. They can be depleted by sunlight, smoking, pollution and other free radical stress. The number of products containing these vitamins has ballooned in recent years. Read on to see how the theory and […]

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Allergan buys Aczone, has plans for rosacea targeting ?

OK this story is getting so much coverage in the online press that I thought I should cover it here too. Allergan is buying the topical dapsone product called Aczone for $150m. From: Allergan Announces Agreement to Acquire Aczone(R) Gel 5% “Aczone(R) Gel 5% is the first new chemical entity approved by the FDA for […]

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Combining Azithromycin with Protopic (tacrolimus) topical

This paper details a somewhat exotic combination therapy: oral azithromycin and topical tacrolimus. It offers an alternative to the more common doxycycline + metrogel combination. The authors mention that this is not a first line therapy; “a combination of oral azithromycin and 0.1% tacrolimus ointment was used in the current case as an alternative therapy […]

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Sebclair for Seborrheic Dermatitis

This recently published paper investigates the effectiveness of a `novel steroid-free cream containing multiple active ingredients’, called Sebclair to treat facial seborrheic dermatitis. This product sounds quite interesting for rosacea and rosacea/SD sufferers. Little information about Sebclair is currently available on the internet. Sebclair (MAS064D) is approved for use in the European Union to treat […]

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A seemingly new topical treatment for rosacea is being trialled by Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences. The product is being evaluated firstly for the number of inflammatory lesions and global severity, and secondly for redness. This, along with the trial lasting 12 weeks, and the large size of the trial leads me to guess that IDP-115 is […]

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