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Rosacea Phenotypes Explained

  (click for larger image) The new way to diagnose rosacea. Do you know the phenotypes present in #rosacea? #dermatology #EADV — Galderma (@galderma) September 15, 2017   Diagnostic Features Persistent centrofacial erythema associated with periodic intensification by potential trigger factors. The major features of this is redness of the skin, which can flare-up […]

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Rosacea is itchier, drier and redder than acne

This paper published in the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences is confirming one of the things what we know about rosacea – that it differs from acne in a few important ways. Rosacea sufferers have an impaired epidermal barrier function that leads to rosacea-specific symptoms of erythema, itchiness, dryness and burning. The water and lipid […]

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How to diagnose Rosacea has radically changed (Phenotypes are now in)

A recent meeting of dermatologists and ophthalmologists has made a significant change to what constitutes a diagnosis of rosacea. This change will likely reframe many discussions on how practitioners come to make a diagnosis of rosacea. Also, given the internet age and easy access for patients to disease information, these changes will also affect how […]

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Rosacea boards fuel rosacea research

Here are 3 papers that have been written based on what rosacea sufferers have posted over time at the Rosacea Support Community forum site. None of the authors contacted me about their research, rather they sampled the forum postings themselves. So this means that there are some rosacea researchers directly interested in how rosacea sufferers […]

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Sufferers have a Constellation of symptoms

One of the best known rosacea researchers Frank Powell has introduced a comprehensive review of rosacea research with some general comments about the difficulties related to rosacea. Professor Powell says that rosacea presents with a `constellation’ of symptoms, which seems like a great description of rosacea as we see from online rosacea sufferers. I used […]

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