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Is there any dietary supplements that you can take to improve your rosacea? Whilst the evidence is in general weak, there are some things you can add to your diet to support your skin whilst working to beat your rosacea. Checkout the articles below as see for yourself the strength of evidence available for supplements like: Omega 3s, Rutin, dairy and glycemic load, zinc, green tea, sea buckthorn oil and more.

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Rutin Forte Supplement reduces redness apparently

A paper published in the Georgian Medical News, and listed on PubMed details a study that concludes that Rutin Forte is an effective means for the treatment and prevention of erythematous rosacea. The supplement was included alongside regular rosacea therapy of topical and oral antibiotics. What is Rutin Forte? Rutin Forte is a nutritional supplement […]

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Zinc Sulfate Doesn’t Work for Rosacea

Despite a 2006 study in a prestigious journal that showed some modest benefit from taking 100mg a day of Zinc Sufate, a more recent study with a dose of 220mg a day wasn’t able to replicate any benefits. Worse still, this just-published study wasn’t able to prove that Zinc Sulfate helped at all. In order […]

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Diet and Acne: What the Latest Research Says

Over at the Acne Blog, Daniel Kern has posted a few high level posts relating to recent readings he has undertaken on the topic of diet and acne. Daniel has read the latest published research to see what new trends are emerging. It is encouraging to see that research is continuing in this area. Long […]

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Visualising Evidence for Oral Supplements: Snake Oil All Round

Below is a wonderfully rich graphic that tries to help visualise the available evidence for the efficacy of dozens of oral supplements. The aim of the creators is to visualise tangible health benefits when taken orally by an adult with a healthy diet. Only human, randomised placebo-controlled trials were used to create this graphic. Information […]

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Recently the Federal Trade Commission announced that it was taking legal action against businesses that operate deceptive supplement web sites, specifically sites that selling Acai Berry based products. What does this have to do with Rosacea? A fair question. As the internet has become a more and more popular source for health related information, the […]

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