Sunscreens for Rosacea Sufferers

For many the sun is high on their list of rosacea triggers. Finding a gentle but effective sunscreen will be an important part of your daily rosacea beating regime. With many physical (mostly zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based) and chemical sunscreens to choose from, with and without tinting, your quest to find a great sunscreen starts here. One place to start might be RosaceaCare’s Tinted ZincO and Vanicream Sunscreens.

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Exotic and Expensive Cosmetics, Do They Work ?

I had to cringe when I read this article – Golf for Women: First Annual Skin Care Awards. It promotes some fabulously expensive cosmetics. One would really hope that their exotic sounding ingredients actually work. Great to see that Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer is in this list, and is only $14. Dior L’Or De Vie […]

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From Sunscreens Can Damage Skin, Researchers Find, ScienceDaily, Source: University of California – Riverside, August 29, 2006. Are sunscreens always beneficial, or can they be detrimental to users? A research team led by UC Riverside chemists reports that unless people out in the sun apply sunscreen often, the sunscreen itself can become harmful to the […]

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Arubix is now offering ARUBIX SPF 50 + Sunscreen containing Golden Camomile/Chrysanthellum Indicum. The sunscreen is claimed to offer “Very high factor tinted sun protection for skins that are prone to erythrosis or rosacea (diffuse redness or visible small blood vessels) for the face, neck and cleavage.” The mention of both physical and chemical sunscreen […]

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This paper shows that adding zinc oxide or Avobenzone to a sunscreen improves the broad spectrum protection that it offers – as much as double or triple their UVA protection. Zinc Oxide and Avobenzone are the only 2 approved sunscreens for broad spectrum protection. Avobenzone and zinc oxide: Maximizing UVA efficacy for effective broadspectrum protection […]

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Inhibition of UVB-induced VEGF, IL-1a and MMP-1 release by a SPF-90 sunscreen Mar Recasens, PhD, Josep Maria Reig, PhD, Carles Trullas, PhD, Carles Pelejero, PhD, Isdin Skin Research Center, Barcelona, Spain Ultraviolet radiation is well-known to induce a range of deleterious effects on human skin such as photoaging and photoimmunosuppression, and can lead to the […]

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