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Most Patients use Steroids for Trivial Problems

Steroid Induced Rosacea is, sadly, one hot topic. I know this because the blog posting Treating Steroid Induced Rosacea is one of the most visited pages on this site, and is currently approaching 1000 comments. Unfortunately many who find themselves suffering from steroid rosacea have to endure a prolonged withdrawal and recovery period. This just […]

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Promiseb even better than Desonide 0.05%

Promiseb Topical Cream has been found to be as effective as desonide cream 0.05% when treating facial dermatitis. This is an exciting finding, especially if the results can be replicated at large in the rosacea / seborrheic dermatitis community. Rosacea sufferers are well advised to be careful with any form of steroids because it has […]

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Clinique Redness Solutions Ingredients

A recent Rosacea News post listing the some preliminary user reviews for Clinique Redness Solutions was unclear on whether the Urgent Relief Cream contains cortisone. Well the answer is yes, it does. This would suggest that this product is not suitable for long term use for rosacea sufferers. It is not a surprise that a […]

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Rosacea, But Not on Your Face; it is possible

One often asked question by newly diagnosed sufferers is `can you get rosacea on areas other than your face’. The usual answer is no; you normally only see rosacea symptoms on the flushing zone areas in the central areas of your face. Extrafacial Rosacea is a Thing This paper slightly dispels this idea with a […]

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From: “Linda Sy MD” Date: Thu Dec 7, 2000 4:55 am Subject: Re: [rosacea] the cortisone story continues Hi Patricia, Yes, what a bummer. There is no easy way to manage steroid induced dermatitis. Your skin has become addicted. How does one treat addiction? You either go cold turkey (in which case, you will undergo […]

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