Sansrosa was the original name for the company and product based on the active ingredient in Alphangan P, brimonidine tartrate, used topically to relieve the red face of rosacea. Since 2004 the product and company has changed hands a couple of times and is now in development and sales by Galderma, first under the code of CD07805/47 and now as Mirvaso. In August 2013 the FDA approved Mirvaso 0.33% Brimonidine Gel as the first official topical treatment for rosacea redness.

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News today that the former owners of the patent covering the product Mirvaso have sued Galderma over a contract dispute. The 5 former owners of Sansrosa say that a contract error will cost them $20m. Sansrosa, who was then owned by Collagenex was sold to Galderma in 2008. Galderma asserts a group of patents protect […]

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Mirvaso Before and After Pictures

What sort of benefit might you expect from using Mirvaso to treat your rosacea redness? Well, Galderma has made available some publicity photographs that show before and after photographs from the Mirvaso Clinical Trials. These photographs also appeared in the journal of drugs in dermatology article describing the development and analysis of Mirvaso’s active ingredient […]

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Mirvaso – Frequently Asked Questions

Surprise news today that Mirvaso, the product formerly known as Sansrosa, CD07805/47 and Col-118 has been granted approval by the FDA. Here are some of the things we already know about Mirvaso ; The prescription gel will be 0.33% brimonidine (this means each gram of the gel contains 5mg of birmonidine tartrate, which is the […]

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Mirvaso (Sansrosa, Brimonidine) Approved for Rosacea Redness

News today that Galderma has succeeded in gaining FDA Approval for Mirvaso – the brand name chosen for the product that during development was known as Sansrosa, CD07805/47 and Col-118. The Brimonidine Tartrate 0.33% Topical Gel is expected to be available as soon as next month. Great news that approval has been granted after so […]

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Galderma is staking out its claim on potential rosacea topicals with another patent being published. This patent details potential topicals that are combinations of the active ingredients in Sansrosa and Finacea, namely Brimonidine Tartrate and Azelaic Acid. The touted benefits from combining the two actives is a reduction in rebound redness and a greater tolerance […]

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