What Causes Rosacea?

Just what does cause rosacea ? You will find a myriad of suggestions out there. Visit this archive for the latest research information about both what is thought to cause rosacea and also what is thought to make your symptoms worsen.

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If indeed acne, and perhaps other inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea are mediated by diet, then why are there no studies ? This is an important series of questions that are asked by this paper. If cited papers is a measure of how well the background research is, this paper shines with 106 references to […]

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Seth Kendall has been a member of rosacea-support for a few years. He posted a message in March 2003 with the subject “A new explanation for rosacea”. This looked like a draft paper that was titled A NOVEL METHOD FOR INDUCING REMISSION IN ROSACEA AND A NEW HYPOTHESIS TO ACCOUNT FOR ITS AETIOLOGY. Since then […]

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From Rosacea Review 2002 “Dr. Richard Gallo, associate professor, medicine and pediatrics, University of California, San Diego and director of dermatological research, VA San Diego, presented interim study results on the `Role of the innate immune system in rosacea.’ He noted that the immune system produces peptides that are a natural defense against the presence […]

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