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Cetaphil Redness Relieving – Daily Facial Moisturizer Reviews

Galderma are continuing to build out their rosacea portfolio, this time with a new series of anti-redness products in their Cetaphil range. We know that Galderma sees a future in the cosmetic realm, as well as pursuing the prescription treatment market. Cetainly Galderma see their Cetaphil range as a premium product, capable of generating profit […]

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Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Reviews

Often quoted as an expert in the formulations of skin care products, Paula Begoin is a well known figure. Now with the introduction of a range of products that bear the name Paula’s Choice, rosacea sufferers will get to see whether all the expertise garnered from critiquing other manufacturer’s products can translate into excellence from […]

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Book Review: Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea

A new comprehensive hard cover text book covering acne and rosacea was recently published. This 768 page tome is aimed at dermatologists and other professionals. The publicity for this book reads; Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea will be an indispensable reference for all physicians who care for patients with acne or rosacea and […]

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Book Review: Acne and Rosacea: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: David J. Goldberg, Alexander Berlin Publication Date: December 31, 2011 Hardcover: 128 pages Review Date: October 2013 Available at: Who is the book for? Officially this book “will appeal to dermatologists in practice and training, to plastic surgeons, general physicians and to all healthcare personnel working in the administration of phototherapy and laser […]

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Rosacea Cure eBooks: All Just SPAM?

There is a seedy dark side to the internet. OK you knew that already, but perhaps there are forces at play on the internet that are more subtle than you realise. Lets turn our focus toward the emergence of the “Rosacea Cure eBook” Phenomenon. Over the last few years there are more and more web […]

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