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Rosacea tracking app needs testing

Davis Buls is looking for rosacea sufferers who are willing to help him test his rosacea app. The app allows tracking of rosacea state, food, stress and exercise levels, with the idea that rosacea triggers can be easily identified. In order to use the app, you will need a (free) FitBit account, but don’t have […]

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More reports on Botox for redness and flushing

A 2015 paper details 2 patients with severe flushing and redness being treated with injections of Botox. The first patient had suffered 2 years of flushing and erythema triggered by heat, sun exposure, stress, spicy food and cosmetics. The second patient had suffered from 3 years of redness and flushing. Both had tried a series of […]

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Trial to chase how Soolantra works

A clinical trial supported by Galderma is to be conducted at UCSD to determine via changes in inflammatory markers, how Ivermectin works to relieve rosacea symptoms. After 12 weeks participants will be examined to determine changes in serine protease activity and expression of cathelicidin (LL-37) mRNA. Any changes found in these inflammatory markers will be correlated […]

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Surveys that need your input

Written by on June 21, 2016 in research with 0 Comments

Two surveys are looking to rosacea sufferers for their input. The RRDi have their 2016 Rosacea Survey open and a mobile application developer wants help too. RRDi 2016 Survey The RRDi are looking for rosacea sufferers to fill in their 2016 Rosacea Survey 2016 RRDi Member Survey on Rosacea In 2015, 292 rosacea sufferers filled […]

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Dementia risk still quite low

You may have read articles online recently detailing all manner of discoveries relating to how having rosacea can raise your risk of having dementia – twice the chance of Parkinson’s or something like that. The recent publication of a large study done in Denmark certainly has gained some publicity across the internet. A recent commentary on […]

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