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NRS wants your feedback on Research !

The NRS Blog has a new entry today where they are asking for your feedback on the direction of future rosacea research. The NRS have put their Reader Survey (part of their Rosacea Review publication) online for the first time. This will make it really easy for everyone to give some feedback to the NRS. […]

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Seabuckthorn Night Cream, 4 samples going

I have 4 small samples of Rosacea Care’s new Sea Buckthorn Night Cream with Willowherb to give away. I will gladly post a sample to the first 4 in Australia to send me their details. You can find my contact details on the About page. The image here is of the full sized product. disclaimer: […]

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In November 2006 I blogged about taking part in some research at Murdoch University investigating the relationship between stress and the flushing of rosacea. Recently the researcher, Daphne Su, has thanked the trial participants by circulating a summary document. The research has been written up as a thesis so this summary was a short description […]

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Does Using a Computer Screen Worsen Rosacea Symptoms ?

Rosacea sufferers sometimes bring up the topic of computer screens and indeed lighting in general as a trigger for their rosacea. Sadly there seems to be little conclusive literature available on this topic. A 1985 study in Norway, Does visual display terminal work provoke rosacea? was able to show that rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis sufferers […]

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Another paper stemming from the partly NRS funded research into the role of cathelicidins and its role in rosacea. A lot of publicity and publications have resulted from Dr. Gallo’s research. This avenue of research into rosacea looks promising so lets hope that more resources target involved with this area of research. Those that interested […]

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