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I have been contacted by a medical marketing company who is looking for female rosacea sufferers aged 30-45 who are available in London and Birmingham in early February. As I understand it the marketing research will relate to feedback on possible future marketing materials. If anyone does go it would be of course interesting to […]

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Redless Specific Serum from Integral Dermo Correction

A just published paper alludes to a new redness reducing cosmeceutical. The product is referred to as 100RXED2025, but it looks likely that the actual product name is the multi syllabic mouthful “Integral Dermo Correction Redless Anti-Redness Facial Serum”. In other publicity it is also called Redless Specific Serum. The product claims to be comprised […]

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Why Has No One Found a Cure for Rosacea?

Why has no one found something even remotely close to a cure for rosacea ? Why do researchers admit that they can barely even describe the disease ? Well a clue emerges from a recent series of in depth, state of the art papers from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings. In the introductory […]

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Smokers Much Less Likely to get Rosacea

Yes you read correctly, some recent research conducted in the UK has found that smoking is associated with a substantially reduced risk of developing rosacea. The study was epidemiological which means that it used statistics to match the incidence of rosacea in smokers and non-smokers in a random grouping of individuals. Why Are Smokers Much […]

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“Medical Crowdsourcing” via CureTogether – the new cheap data collection method

A recent article in the Dermatology Online Journal introduced me to a new online support group site. Apparently is a major medical crowdsourcing site. What is crowdsourcing? Well crowdsourcing is a new buzzword which basically means to get your information from the “crowd” or as many people as you can. Online this term generally […]

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