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Why has no one found something even remotely close to a cure for rosacea ? Why do researchers admit that they can barely even describe the disease ? Well a clue emerges from a recent series of in depth, state of the art papers from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings. In the introductory […]

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Smokers Much Less Likely to get Rosacea

Yes you read correctly, some recent research conducted in the UK has found that smoking is associated with a substantially reduced risk of developing rosacea. The study was epidemiological which means that it used statistics to match the incidence of rosacea in smokers and non-smokers in a random grouping of individuals. Why Are Smokers Much […]

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How Much Would You Pay to Cure Your Rosacea?

Most published abstracts are a pretty dry read. This one is about as dry as they come. How about titling it “Rosacea Sufferers Willing To Pay Less than Vitiligo, Even the Women!”. Now that makes it sound more interesting right? Well that is the gist of this paper. Researchers have come up with the idea […]

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“Medical Crowdsourcing” via CureTogether – the new cheap data collection method

A recent article in the Dermatology Online Journal introduced me to a new online support group site. Apparently is a major medical crowdsourcing site. What is crowdsourcing? Well crowdsourcing is a new buzzword which basically means to get your information from the “crowd” or as many people as you can. Online this term generally […]

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I have to admit that I had never heard of Uriage Thermal Water before reading this poster abstract. Best I can tell, Uriage Thermal Water is a mineral water sourced from the French Alps.  It “possesses an exceptionally high content of mineral salts and trace elements in comparison with thermal waters used in dermatology (i.e. […]

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