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Rosacea Subtypes, How are they related?

So we all know the official rosacea subtypes right  ? Erythematotelangiectatic, Papulopustular, Phymatous and Ocular rosacea (Lets ignore neurogenic rosacea for now). Well, are these 4 sub types related, and in what way? Will rosacea progress in severity and can your rosacea proceed between subtypes? If we are in a question asking mood, then why […]

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Skinova helps rosacea with Ultrasound Skin Treatments at home

A recently published paper introduces us to a new form of at-home therapy based on high frequency ultrasound. The Skinova treatment using sound waves at a very high frequency of 10 MHz. This allows treatments to a depth of around 0.3cm. At this depth we are told that “the effect is mainly concentrated on the […]

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New Demodex Treatment: MooGoo Demodectic Rosacea Powder

Came across an interesting looking new product from MooGoo – Demodectic Rosacea Powder, that appears to be available to order. The product is an innovative approach to try to eliminate demodex mites by making the surface of the skin an environment where the mites cannot survive. If this demodex-hostile environment can indeed be achieved whilst […]

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Solodyn with and without Finacea

A recent study has highlighted the benefits of the combination therapy of Solodyn and Finacea. Solodyn is one of the lesser known systemic rosacea treatments. What is Solodyn? Solodyn is an extended-release, low dosage of Minocycline, a member of the tetracycline family. Solodyn is available in 8 strengths. Yes that is right you can get […]

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Milk Thistle (Silibinin) Protects Against Skin Cancer

Whilst not exactly new news, some research is confirming that an extract found in Milk Thistle, Silibinin will kill skin cells that have been affected by UVA radiation and also protect against UVB radiation. Rosacea sufferers might know of Silibinin as an active component of Silymarin. Silymarin is an ingredient in the modest rosacea treatment […]

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