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April is Rosacea Awareness Month, spread the word

I haven’t ever got that excited about the annual awareness month for rosacea, as, well I’m quite aware of it. It is obvious though, from looking around the population that plenty of people are not aware of the condition. Why don’t you, as a reader of Rosacea News, do something to support Rosacea Awareness this […]

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RRDi publishes first edition of their Rosacea Journal

Brady Barrows has announced that the RRDi has published the Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute: Volume 1 Number 1, 2010. The journal has been produced by volunteer rosacea sufferers and consists of `articles by dermatologists, physicians, naturopaths, researchers and patients’. This first edition is available for $15 from and iUniverse. The […]

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Just how many people have Rosacea ?

The prevalence of rosacea is an often reported fact. Most media releases will start with a statement of the number of rosacea sufferers in the US. The latest 2010 estimates from the NRS suggest that 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, up from the previous estimate of 14 million. Various studies have found rosacea to […]

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Treating Each Rosacea Symptom

This paper is Part 2 in the series of Standard Management Options for Rosacea. Part 1 was devoted to the Overview and Broad Spectrum of Care. Now, Part 2 will expand to discuss management options according to the rosacea subtype. Some History Lets do some quick revision. In 2002, the National Rosacea Society Expert Committee […]

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The Official Rosacea Treatments

Authored by a who’s who of Rosacea Experts, the National Rosacea Society has again brought about a publication that puts a stake in the ground for rosacea treatment and management. Some History Briefly some history: In 2002, the National Rosacea Society Expert Committee reported on a standard classification system that identified primary and secondary features […]

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