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Rhofade as an adjunct to IPL, PDL and KTP Laser

Allergan is sponsoring a clinical trial to evaluate whether their oxymetazoline HCL 1% based treatment – Rhofade, is an effective adjunctive treatment for rosacea patients undergoing treatments with Pulse Dye Laser (PDL), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or KTP Laser. The trial is designated as a Safety and Tolerability measure, so researchers will be looking for […]

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Trial: Cutera Excel V versus Syneron Candela Vbeam

Cutera, the makers of the Cutera Excel V, a 532nm KTP Laser have posted the details of trial comparing their product with the 595nm Pulse Dye Laser from Syneron Candela. The physician and trialist will assess improvements in the blood vessels and pustules and papules of rosacea. Additionally the trial will use a Spectrophotometer to […]

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Book Review: Acne and Rosacea: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: David J. Goldberg, Alexander Berlin Publication Date: December 31, 2011 Hardcover: 128 pages Review Date: October 2013 Available at: amazon.com Who is the book for? Officially this book “will appeal to dermatologists in practice and training, to plastic surgeons, general physicians and to all healthcare personnel working in the administration of phototherapy and laser […]

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Using a Hair Dryer to Pre-Flush before Pulse Dye Laser Treatment

This paper is promoting the use of a pre-flush to improve the outcome of Pulse Dye Laser (PDL)Rosacea Treatments. The authors suggest that by increasing the number of `target chromophores’ in a treatment area, one can expect an enhanced treatment effect with a greater number of blood vessels destroyed. The area being treated is heated […]

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This just published abstract from Lasers in Medical Science, shows that the extreme pain associated with pulsed dye laser, when used to treat port wine stains, can be relieved by using Pneumatic Skin Flattening (PSF). Pneumatic Skin Flattening uses a vacuum to compress the skin underneath the area being treated. Blood is eliminated from the […]

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