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Mirvaso launches as ONRELTEA in Canada

Galderma has reached into its bag of trademarks and announced that Mirvaso will be known as ONRELTEA in Canada. Red Faced? Rosacea Sufferers Now Have a New Option Proven to Reduce Facial Redness Health Canada Approves The First and Only Topical Treatment Indicated for the Persistent Facial Erythema of Rosacea THORNHILL, ON, May 21, 2014 […]

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Free Prescription Samples Increase Rosacea Rx Costs

The existence of free drug samples appears to be altering the habits of doctors such that treatments are overall more expensive for patients. This is the result of some research into the prescribing patterns of a group of acne and rosacea patients in 2010. The researchers found that doctors who distributed free drug samples were […]

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Mirvaso European Availability by March 2014

A Medscape article today announces that Mirvaso has been granted human approval and should be approved for sale across Europe by March 2014. The initial authorisation to market Mirvaso has been granted and are normally issued 67 days from the adoption of the `Summary of opinion’ Mirvaso Gains CHMP Support for Rosacea Erythema Treatment Miriam […]

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Report adverse reactions to Mirvaso to the FDA and Galderma

The reaction online by new users of Mirvaso, you would have to say, has not been good. The reports of rebound flushing, that is; worse flushing after using Mirvaso compared to before, far outweigh happy users. From those users who have posted online at the various Mirvaso threads, the trend for adverse reactions appears to be […]

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Why are drugs so much cheaper from Pharmacies in Canada?

The topic of ordering cheap prescriptions from Canada comes up every now and then on rosacea bulletin boards. The price difference over the border is enough to make anyone paying full price scream. So what is the reason for this price difference, and is it worth trying to source prescriptions from a country that you […]

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