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Galderma Patents a Diagnostic Test for Rosacea

A patent application has surfaced that shows Galderma claiming an invention that is a diagnostic test for rosacea. A patent application does not guarantee that any particular invention or discovery is valid, just that a company wants to claim the rights to the intellectual property it contains. Indeed some patents will be filed purely to […]

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Galderma Patent Portfolio: Dipyridyl Compounds

The pharmaceutical giant Galderma continues to build its war chest of rosacea patents. A newly surfaced patent covers treating rosacea with a dipyrdyl compound. A brief online search for Galderma-assigned patents that mention rosacea reveals almost 2000 matches, with about 11,000 patents being assigned to Galderma Research & Development overall. These numbers are likely to be […]

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Treating Rosacea with Collagen (Matricol)

Matricol, which is freeze dried sheets of collagen, is another example of a hopeful rosacea treatment emerging in a patent application. This time a health care company in Germany is patenting the use of collagen as a treatment for skin diseases including rosacea. The assignee is Dr. Suwelack Skin & Health Care AG in Billerbeck, […]

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Allergan Developing Oxymetazoline (AGN-199201/V-101) Cream Formulations

A recently surfaced patent application shows that Allergan are continuing to protect their intellectual property around their proposed Oxymetazoline based facial redness treatment. This patent application relates to the technology and inventions used to create a suitable cream formulation of oxymetazoline. It covers how to make the cream so that it is effective, tolerated, is […]

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Avermectin Milbemycin Eyewash for Ocular Rosacea

This recently published patent is interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly there is renewed interest in Ivermectin because of Galderma’s large trial of Topical Ivermectin 1% Cream (CD5024) for facial rosacea. Secondly there are few official treatments for ocular rosacea, so a provable treatment such as outlined in this patent could show promise. A […]

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