Oracea (40mg doxycycline)

Oracea is a once per day 40mg (30mg immediate release and 10mg delayed release) doxycycline treatment for the papules and pustles of rosacea. Galderma promote Oracea as superior to 50mg a day of generic doxycycline because Oracea is a low enough dose to be promoted as an `anti-inflamatory only’ treatment and not suffering from potential problems of higher doses of antibiotics.

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Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

The Vitligo and Pigmentation Institute of Southern California is hosting part of the trial to evaluate Rosacea-related Inflammatory Biochemical Markers in Adult Skin When Treated With Oracea  vs Placebo. This trial is looking to prove changes in inflammatory markers like the peptide LL-37 and the MMP family match the improvement seen when taking Oracea. The […]

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Generic Oracea Legal Trial now in July 2011

I have been watching for a while to see for any developments in the legal proceedings between Mylan and Galderma. These proceedings will determine whether Mylan is allowed to sell Generic Oracea. This is of interest to many rosacea sufferers who consider that Oracea is too expensive. Previously it seems that Generic Oracea may be […]

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Seemingly wanting to help answer the question How do tetracyclines help Rosacea? Galderma has announced a large trial to measure the changes in inflammatory pathway markers when you take Oracea. Whilst the trial only directly mentions LL-37 and MMP I would expect other well known markers to be measured as well. If the researchers include […]

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Cutis posts Oracea Phase 4 (ORCA) papers for free online

Late last year Galderma generated quite a lot of publicity in the lead up to the release of the Phase 4 trials of Oracea. Phase IV trials typically try to replicate the efficacy and safety of drugs seen in Phase III trials, but on a much larger scale. Phase IV trials are conducted after a […]

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Lupin Pharmaceuticals also files ANDA for Generic Oracea

The battle to make generic Oracea available to the public is heating up. Recently filed documents in Delaware show that Lupin Pharmaceuticals, which are based in India have filed for an abbreviated new drug application to manufacture and distribute a generic form of Oracea. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, based in Mumbai India,  is a company specialising in […]

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