New Rosacea Treatments

One of the hottest areas of interest online for rosacea sufferers is new rosacea treatments. From the industry heavyweights like Galderma, Allergan, Bayer, Valeant and Stiefel to little companies like MooGoo there is a lot of interest in the up and coming rosacea treatments. See below for the latest information about what is just over the horizon.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

FDA Approved 35 New Drugs in FY 2011

The FDA announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved 35 new medicines in fiscal year 2011. They included “important advances for patients, including: two new treatments for hepatitis C; a drug for late-stage prostate cancer; the first new drug for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 30 years; and the first new drug for lupus […]

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Merck Trialling Laropiprant for the Redness of Rosacea

A product from Merck designated as MK-0524, also known as Laropiprant, is to be trialled as a treatment for the redness of rosacea. This is great news for rosacea sufferers as MK-0524/Laropiprant will now join Sansrosa and Oxymetazoline which are already in development for this mostly ignored group of rosacea symptoms. Trialists will take either […]

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Allergan buying Vicept Therapeutics to get V-101 / Oxymetazoline

News today that Allergan are buying the privately held pharmaceutical company Vicept Therapuetics. The aim of many small startup companies is to be acquired by a larger company, Vicept telling us that “We believe Allergan is the best company to complete the development and make the therapy available to the clinical community and their patients, […]

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9 New Drugs in Development for Rosacea

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America tells us that there are currently 9 drugs in development for rosacea. I was initially curious as to how they counted nine. Surely this number is too few ? Rosacea News follows new drugs very closely to see which ones are bubbling to the top and show the […]

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Why Do New Drugs take SO LONG to be Developed?

For everyone waiting on the latest and greatest new treatment for rosacea, new drugs seem to take forever to make it to the market. Taking a step back and looking at new drug development in general, it is very sobering to read how few drugs actually make it to an approved product; THE DRUG DISCOVERY […]

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