Neurogenic Rosacea

Not normally considered as a sub type of rosacea, neurogenic rosacea features prominent neurologic symptoms such as burning or stinging pain, facial swelling (edema), facial redness (erythema), flushing, and facial blood vessels. Recent research has focussed on the benefits of recognising the unique diagnosis and treatment possibilities for Neurogenic Rosacea.

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Cyclosporine as a treatment for neurogenic rosacea

There has been some relatively recent research into a possible variant of rosacea called neurogenic rosacea. Different from typical rosacea, papules, pustules, and swelling changes are not present in this group of patients. This short correspondences from DermatologicaSinica, the journal of the Dermatological Association of Taiwan documents 3 cases where patients with possible neurogenic rosacea […]

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Pregabalin (Lyrica) for Neurogenic Rosacea

The correspondence section in December’s edition of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology has a brief note from 3 doctors from the UK who describe a 61 year old sufferer of neurogenic rosacea. This patient was successfully treated with Pregabalin (Lyrica). Pregabalin is listed as one of the possible treatments for neurogenic rosacea. The authors suggest that […]

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Now that the collection of symptoms called Neurogenic Rosacea has become more widely known, new discussions can take place as, for example how to best treat it. This recently published abstract details a patient who suffered debilitating facial redness and burning. The patient was treated with the invasive and possibly irreversible procedure Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy. The patient […]

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NRS highlights Neurologic form of Rosacea

The NRS Blog today mentions the recent publications that raise a possible new Subset of Rosacea. Even though this is just a passing reference, it is good to see that the NRS is willing to openly consider changes to the Standard Rosacea Classification. As the NRS was responsible for the assembling the expert committee that […]

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The recently published paper that called for the creation of Neurogenic Rosacea subtype contained an interesting disclosure. We are told that one of the paper’s authors, Professor Martin Steinhoff MD PhD , holds a related patent and research grant from Galderma. Related Rosacea Grant Dr. Steinhoff, along with Dr. Feramisco, received a $25,000 grant in […]

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