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It is common for rosacea sufferers to want to find natural treatments. A wise man once said there are no alternative treatments, only proven treatments. So how do you resolve the conflict between the formal drug development process that can result in proven treatments and the desire to seek alternatives, based in nature, that may never prove their worth? In this group of articles I have sought to collect the best evidence we have for natural remedies for rosacea.

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The Innovation of Natural Ingredients in Skin Care products

Are skin care products better for your skin, and less likely to be bad for rosacea sufferers, just because they contain natural ingredients ? Of course the answer to this seemingly simple question answer is not straight forward. Regardless of the answer to this question, the interest in natural products to treat rosacea is very […]

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NHS should stop funding Homeopathy: MPs

A recent submission to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has said that using public money on the highly-diluted remedies of homeopathy could not be justified. The cross-party group said there was no evidence beyond a placebo effect, when a patient gets better because of their belief that the treatment works. I was […]

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Several Australian newspapers are running a story today about the risk that comes when people self-diagnose, self-treat and buy supplements off the shelf of a supermarket. The whole idea of natural treatments is very appealing to many rosacea sufferers. There is certainly a group of rosacea sufferers who see prescription treatments as too artificial and […]

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Glowelle Beauty Drinks – a rosacea supplement ?

Nestle, who along with L’Oreal are the parent company of Galderma, is promoting a beauty drink called glowelle. Their buzz word rich marketing includes references to antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, botanical fruit extracts and more. The ingredients are said to fight harmful environmental factors, staving off fine lines and wrinkles. Certainly the natural raspberry, jasmine, pomegranate and […]

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So Does Acupuncture Work for Rosacea, or Not ?

For me acupuncture has always been part of some kind of ancient mythology. Humans are controlled by a brain that has complex neurological pathways to all corners of their bodies. Can inserting fine needles in to the so-called “meridians along energy flows” in these pathways help your rosacea ? If you are looking for hard […]

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