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It is common for rosacea sufferers to want to find natural treatments. A wise man once said there are no alternative treatments, only proven treatments. So how do you resolve the conflict between the formal drug development process that can result in proven treatments and the desire to seek alternatives, based in nature, that may never prove their worth? In this group of articles I have sought to collect the best evidence we have for natural remedies for rosacea.

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In a 10 year study highlighted by the BBC, organic tomatoes were found to contain twice the levels of flavonoids compared with commonly grown tomatoes. Organic food ‘better’ for heart Flavonoids have been shown to reduce high blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Writing in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, […]

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This recently published paper suggests that a variety of ocular symptoms might be caused by demodex infestation. Six patients all having demodex present, and suffering with recalcitrant symptoms (including 4 diagnosed with rosacea) were given tea tree oil for a weekly eyelid scrub and tea tree shampoo for a daily scrub. All patients showed a […]

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Australia’s Choice magazine is an independent magazine that reviews products from the point of view of the consumer. Recently they published an articled titled `Natural first aid: Are natural first-aid remedies effective?‘ The summary of the article ; There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence from years of traditional use, but scientific evidence for the clinical effectiveness […]

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Aveeno Ultra Calming with Feverfew: User Reviews

There is a lot of interest from rosacea sufferers in treating their rosacea with natural or herbal therapies and remedies. Many shy away from treatments like antibiotics and metrogel. So far the best collection of information about natural products I’ve found is a paper called Treatment of Rosacea with Herbal Ingredients. One of the herbs […]

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OK, they don’t say that it is Eucerin Redness Relief, but there are some big hints – “four-product skin care regimen ” and “gentle cleansing, UVA/UVB protection, effective moisturization, and concealing pigments”. This sure sounds like Soothing Cleanser, Daily Perfecting Lotion, Tone Perfecting Cream and Soothing Night Cream that makes up Eucerin Redness Relief. The […]

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