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NRS Funds New Rosacea Studies for 2011

In the Summer 2011 Rosacea Review, The National Rosacea Society announced that they are funding 3 studies in new areas of rosacea research. This is great news; not only is the NRS continuing to fund 5 existing studies, it is funding the 3 new research areas. 1. PACAP and Rosacea Dr. Ferda Cevikbas will be […]

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NRS Continues Leading Edge Research Funding

The National Rosacea Society recently announced that they will be continuing to fund 5 existing rosacea research streams. Confirming their faith in the on-going NRS sponsored research, the NRS has announced additional funding to the following researchers. 1. Dr. Richard Gallo – Cathelicidins The NRS is also continuing to fund studies by Dr. Richard Gallo […]

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The National Rosacea Society is calling for people to be materially involved with a study they have funded that is looking into the possible genetic link with the neurovascular system of rosacea sufferers. It would be a great discovery if a gene responsible for facial flushing and burning could indeed be isolated. Help New Genetics […]

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The NRS Blog has an article today which is an easy to read summary of some recent research into ocular symptoms and demodex mite bacteria. Mites and Eye Symptoms A new study has found there may be a link between ocular rosacea and bacteria associated with Demodex mites, microscopic inhabitants of normal skin that tend […]

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In the latest edition of Ask the Doctors, Dr. Jonathan Wilkin, chairman of the NRS medical advisory board answers the question `Do beta-blockers help reduce flushing from rosacea?’. The answer is brief but I’m encouraged to see the NRS discussing further the possibility of using beta blockers for flushing in rosacea sufferers. In severe cases, […]

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