Metrogel 1%

Long considered to be the main standard topical treatment for rosacea, Metrogel 1% is the Galderma branded treatment that contains 1% of Metronidazole. Over the years Galderma has brought us Metrogel 0.75%, Metrolotion, Metrocream and now Metrogel 1% Pump 55gm.
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Rosasol is a little known combination sunscreen and metronidzaole formulation. It is only available on prescription in Canada. According to the Stiefel Laboratories web site, “Regulations in Canada prohibit pharmaceutical manufacturers from providing prescription-product-related information directly to consumers“. This may explain why little information about Rosasol is available on the internet. Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial of […]

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This paper on the role of sunscreens in rosacea makes the interesting point that sunlight exposure is known to be one of the top tripwires for rosacea, and that as few as 5% of rosacea sufferers use a daily sunscreen. It is true that we read comparitively little about sunscreens considering that sun exposure can […]

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Metrogel User Reviews

What is metronidazole ? well scientifically it is a white to pale yellow crystalline powder. Metronidazole is a member of the imidazole class of anti-bacterial agents and is classified as an antiprotozoal and anti-bacterial agent. When taken orally, metronidazole is known as flagyl. Flagyl is used for a wide variety of infections including those in […]

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More tinkering at the edges of rosacea research. This study found that applying azelaic acid 15% (finacea) to healthy skin was more irritating than metrogel (metronidazole 0.75%). There seems to be no shortage of papers that look at combinations of the available rosacea topicals. Another relevant study from 1999 ; “Azelaic acid (Azelex) is a […]

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Yes another one of those `antibiotics + metrogel is all you need’ sort of article. This paper does at least show that low dose doxycycline is gaining weight in the research listings though. Also note that Collagenex naturally has an interest in this sort of published research as they are promoting their periostat and oracea […]

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