Metrogel 1%

Long considered to be the main standard topical treatment for rosacea, Metrogel 1% is the Galderma branded treatment that contains 1% of Metronidazole. Over the years Galderma has brought us Metrogel 0.75%, Metrolotion, Metrocream and now Metrogel 1% Pump 55gm.
Be sure to check out the Metrogel 1% User Reviews and How does Metrogel work?.

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Raman Spectroscopy, the next great diagnosis innovation

Some press this week about an emerging diagnostic technology known as Raman Spectroscopy. Raman Spectroscopy looks at the way that light scatters when it interacts with different molecules. The technology can analyse the scatter patterns to determine exacting details to do with the chemical makeup of the tissue being examined. The article suggests that Raman […]

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Just published in the June 2010 edition of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology is a study comparing “Finacea in combination with Oracea” with “Metrogel in combination with Oracea”. Seeing this abstract published makes me want to let out a loud groan. So much of what we see as recently published rosacea research is just […]

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Being prescription items, Oracea and Metrogel 1% are too expensive for many rosacea sufferers, even those with basic medical insurance. Thanks to a tip from chenoarae; Oracea and Metrogel 1% are both available for free for residents of the US who don’t have insurance of any sort and are on a low income. Some pharmaceutical […]

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What is this mysterious Nycomed 0444 Gel ?

The Clinical Trials register has listed a just completed trial for something cryptically called 0444 Gel. The Gel is targeted for the papules and pustules of rosacea. Apparently the study started in January 2008 and has just been completed. Study of 0444 Gel in the Treatment of Inflammatory Lesions of Rosacea Sponsor: Nycomed US Inc […]

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Top 5 Cheap Rosacea Treatments

Distressed with the expense of exotic rosacea treatments ? The stress of rosacea is enough without also having to worry about how to afford treatments. Finding affordable rosacea treatments is a real challenge. So here we go; my top 5 suggestions to help you find cheap rosacea treatments. 1. Make your own cleanser Colloidal Oatmeal […]

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