Metrogel 1%

Long considered to be the main standard topical treatment for rosacea, Metrogel 1% is the Galderma branded treatment that contains 1% of Metronidazole. Over the years Galderma has brought us Metrogel 0.75%, Metrolotion, Metrocream and now Metrogel 1% Pump 55gm.
Be sure to check out the Metrogel 1% User Reviews and How does Metrogel work?.

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Novartis Must Drop Fougera’s Generic Metrogel

In May this year we learnt that Novartis would be buying Fougera Pharmaceuticals . One of the products that would come over to Novartis through this deal would be generic metronidazole. Today the FTC has approved the $1.5b deal, but has ruled that Novartis must relinquish Fougera’s rights to manufacturer generic metronidazole, and leave the […]

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OK the title is a bit of a stretch as currently there is no such product as Metrofoam, but keep reading to see where I’m coming from. Last year a patent surfaced, owned by Galderma, claiming rights to a “stable, metronidazole-based oil-in-water emulsion expandable into a topically applicable foam having a firm, creamy and light […]

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Novartis Buys Fougera for $1.5B, gets Generic Metrogel

News today that the giant pharmaceutical company Novartis International is buying Fougera Pharmaceuticals. Fougera is known to rosacea sufferers through the availability of generic metronidazole 0.75%. Fougera will brings its specialty in generics to Sandoz, the generics division of Novartis. Who is Novartis? Novartis was previously the manufacturer of Elidel (Pimecrolimus cream 1%). Novartis are […]

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Theory: Ivermectin is Metrogel’s Cousin, Help Needed

OK, bear with me. I don’t often just waffle here as a Rosacea News item. Maybe I should. Anyway this post is just me exploring an idea. From my high school organic chemistry it seems to me that Ivermectin and Metrondizole are in fact chemically akin to cousins. I started to think about this because […]

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Massive Rosacea Study (CD5024) Recruiting Underway

A large study looking at a treatment for the papules and pustules of rosacea is looking to recruit participants right across the US and Canada. A web site just for this study has been created at (Papulo – Pustular – Rosacea Study). On the site you can use your ZIP code to see if there […]

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