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The `Red LED Lamps & Other Forms of Low-Level Light Therapy‘ page from the Rosacea Support Resource Pages has been updated.  Citing studies like Low-level laser therapy induces dose-dependent reduction of TNFalpha levels in acute inflammation, and Effect of low intensity laser light in the red range on macrophage superoxide dismutase activity the RSRP article makes the […]

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Study of new light-emitting diode therapy for acne treatment Mayumi Tosa, MD, Mayumi Clinic, Tokyo, CA, United States Light-emitting diode (LED) has been used widely for acne treatment and skin rejuvenation in recent years. The LED therapy involves the mechanism of photomodulation without downtime, leading to safe and painless therapy. In our latest study of […]

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A safe and effective yellow light-emitting diode treatment for mild to moderate acne: A within-patient half-face dose ranging study, Chris Edwards, PhD, Stephanie Hill, Alexander Anstey, MD, Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, United Kingdom Previous studies have shown that blue light phototherapy can improve mild to moderate acne. One proposed mechanism for action of visible light in […]

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Some interesting extracts from a promotional brochure `New Uses Emerge of Light-Emitting Diode Technology‘. Dr. Tony Chu is known to several of the UK members of rosacea-support. The scientific literature demonstrates that infrared light penetrates tissue more effectively than visible light,” Dr. Calderhead added. “Intensity is also important, and LEDs are ideal in this regard. […]

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LED Therapy Gaining Popularity

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The following `Buyer’s Guide for LED Therapy‘ shows that LED therapy is gaining popularity with aestheticians. This popularity is wide ranging. Some of these therapies look promising for adjunctive rosacea treatment. I would expect that more and more rosacea sufferers will be seeing LED machines when they visit aestheticians. Some interesting quotes; OmniLux, which was […]

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