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Can you treat Acne with your iPhone ?

Thanks to ClinuvelNews for highlighting the a $1.99 USD application available for your iPhone that is said to treat your acne. The application displays a red or blue screen which you then hold up to your face, supposedly allowing your skin to be treated while you make a phone call. Here are example screen shots […]

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Photodynamic Therapy (a treatment usually consisting of a photosensitizing agent, light and tissue oxygen) is gaining popularity for its ability to treat more than just skin diseases. Internal organs and cancer sites are now being treated with PDT using endoscopes and fibre optic catheters. Even though some research papers about rosacea and PDT are available, […]

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Treating Rosacea with Infrared Light: Patent

A newly filed patent contains a proposed rosacea treatment using small bands of infrared radiation between 790nm and 900nm with a power between 1 and 100 mW/cm^2. The unit proposed could be a LED device, used from twice a day to every 10 days. An energy density between 3 and 180 Joules/cm^2 is proposed. Infrared […]

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A recent abstract from Dermatologic Surgery suggests that treatment with 590nm LED therapy following fractional laser skin resurfacing helps patients more quickly recover from the post treatment erythema. Whilst skin resurfacing with a laser is considered dangerous for rosacea sufferers, the fact that LED therapy help speed up recovery is good news for LED and […]

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From the Nov 1, 2008 edition of DermatologyTimes; Synergistic effect: Combining LED devices with PDL or IPL optimizes rosacea treatment Combination laser and light-based treatments for rosacea have a synergistic effect and are now being studied, according to David J. Goldberg, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in practice since 1985 at Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists […]

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