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Using a Hair Dryer to Pre-Flush before Pulse Dye Laser Treatment

This paper is promoting the use of a pre-flush to improve the outcome of Pulse Dye Laser (PDL)Rosacea Treatments. The authors suggest that by increasing the number of `target chromophores’ in a treatment area, one can expect an enhanced treatment effect with a greater number of blood vessels destroyed. The area being treated is heated […]

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Intendis, the makers of Finacea are to trial the combination of ND:Yag laser treatment with and without the addition of Finacea during treatment. As the study will be a spilt face trial, researchers will be able to show that the addition of Finacea does, or does not make a difference to the outcome of the […]

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Raman Spectroscopy, the next great diagnosis innovation

Some press this week about an emerging diagnostic technology known as Raman Spectroscopy. Raman Spectroscopy looks at the way that light scatters when it interacts with different molecules. The technology can analyse the scatter patterns to determine exacting details to do with the chemical makeup of the tissue being examined. The article suggests that Raman […]

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Today we welcome a new writer for Rosacea News – E.L. Hodge. Great to have you and we are all looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts ! How to best optimize laser and IPL treatments has long been debated. Should the rosacean deliberately engineer a flush prior to treatment? Should anti-inflammatories or anti-hypertensives […]

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Photodynamic Therapy (a treatment usually consisting of a photosensitizing agent, light and tissue oxygen) is gaining popularity for its ability to treat more than just skin diseases. Internal organs and cancer sites are now being treated with PDT using endoscopes and fibre optic catheters. Even though some research papers about rosacea and PDT are available, […]

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