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Pyratine XR User Reviews

Showing just how important the internet is becoming for marketing new cosmetics, Pyratine XR has recently launched with a lot of press activity. As well as Senetek’s press releases on the internet I was also contacted by 2 PR representatives trying to get me to cover the release of this `new’ product. Pyratine XR was […]

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Pyratine-6 Now Available from physicians

The Anti-Aging product Pyratine-6 is now available to buy from some physicians. Pyratine-6 is a new product that is a derivative of Kinetin. Their new web site has launched at You can find a stockist on their web site. Rosacea News has been following Pyratine-6 for a while now. It first came under our […]

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This study shows that kinetin and niacinamide work together well to provide anti-aging effects for asian skin. Previous studies that have been highlighted by Rosacea News have also shown that topical kinetin is a good anti-aging moisturizer for rosacea sufferers and may even show some benefit for rosacea symptoms. The clinical anti-aging effects of topical […]

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Topical Kinetin (Kinerase) Moisturizer for Anti-Aging

This article was first highlighted by Rosacea News in March 2006 as result of the 2006 Annual Meeting of the AAD, Poster Session in San Francisco. The paper was called Tolerability and efficacy of a moisturizing lotion containing 0.1% kinetin for improving the signs of acne rosacea in facial and neck skin. The follow-on paper […]

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Exotic and Expensive Cosmetics, Do They Work ?

I had to cringe when I read this article – Golf for Women: First Annual Skin Care Awards. It promotes some fabulously expensive cosmetics. One would really hope that their exotic sounding ingredients actually work. Great to see that Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer is in this list, and is only $14. Dior L’Or De Vie […]

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