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IPL is Excellent for Rosacea

Written by on November 30, 2005 in IPL with 72 Comments

The first large scale, long term look at IPL that I’ve seen. The news is good, IPL is gaining more and more professional weight as a mainstream rosacea treatment. Also see the end of this article for links to more leading edge information on IPL. Effective treatment of rosacea using intense pulsed light systems. Dermatologic […]

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Photo Rejuvenation with IPL

Written by on October 10, 2005 in IPL with 0 Comments

This paper is showing that two IPL wavelength ranges (555-950 nm and  530-750 nm) are effective for facial rejuvenation treatments. Although these results are not directly related to treating facial rosacea, it is good to see preliminary IPL research being published. Facial photo rejuvenation using two different intense pulsed light (IPL) wavelength bands, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, Volume 34, […]

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A good placeholder article that gives a nice introduction into the applicability of IPL to treating rosacea. Over time more papers are being published that show that for many, IPL is a good option for rosacea. See the end of the post for more pointers to further up-to-date information. Treatment of rosacea with intense pulsed […]

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This paper is discussing research that shows IPL is an effective and safe treatment for facial blood vessels. After between 1 and 4 treatments, the vast majority of patients had a 50% or better improvement in the number of blood vessels. Intense pulsed light source for treatment of facial telangiectasias, Journal of Cosmetic and Laser […]

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Treating Vascular Lesions with IPL

Written by on September 16, 2005 in IPL with 1 Comment

Another 2003 Paper about IPL. Treatment of the vascular lesions of the face and neck using selective vascular photothermolysis with intense pulse light European Journal of Plastic Surgery Issue: Volume 26, Number 6, November 2003, Pages: 319 – 323 Keywords: Vascular lesions – Intense pulse light – Laser – Photothermolysis Tahsin Oguz Acartürk1 and Guy […]

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