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The Dermatology Times is running an article highlighting the novel and unlikely rosacea treatments based on a nasal decongestant and a glaucoma treatment. They of course are referring to Oxymetazoline and Brimonidine. The article mentions the positive results from the “most recent research” on Brimonidine ; In the most recent research, a double-blind study for […]

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Some very preliminary internet crumbs about a new possible rosacea treatment under development. The treatment under development is listed as a “novel tetracycline”. Warner Chilcott Limited calls itself a “specialty pharmaceutical company, that engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of branded prescription pharmaceutical products in women’s healthcare and dermatology segments primarily in the […]

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A brief paragraph in a recent article in The Salt Lake Tribune looks quite interesting. A company called Glyco Mira (seemingly a company without a web site) is developing a drug that “may be able to cure the underlying problem that causes rosacea”. A pretty tall prediction for sure. So what are they talking about […]

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Pyratine XR User Reviews

Showing just how important the internet is becoming for marketing new cosmetics, Pyratine XR has recently launched with a lot of press activity. As well as Senetek’s press releases on the internet I was also contacted by 2 PR representatives trying to get me to cover the release of this `new’ product. Pyratine XR was […]

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Video Tips from Rosacea Rescue Squad

The Galderma rosacea promotional site Best Face Forward has a new section titled Rosacea Rescue Squad. The site features some video tips from Dr. Hilary Baldwin and Charla Krupp. Dr. Baldwin, who is a dermatologist from New York tells us in the video that she has been treating rosacea patients for 20 years. Krupp is […]

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